Entertaining the Children in Meribel


Don’t leave your children stuck with the au pair in your Meribel ski chalet while you’re off having fun on the slopes. The French resort has plenty to keep the little ones entertained from the protected nursery slopes at Platteires, to après ski activities that provide an alternative to the bars and clubs around Meribel town.

Bowling in Meribel

Why spend the evening watching TV in your ski chalet? Meribel offers something much more fun for your family at the ultra-modern Canadian bowling alley. The bowling centre is open from 2pm daily and closes at 2am the following morning. However, with only 6 lanes you’ll need to make sure that you book in advance to secure yourself a time slot. With snake bumpers, children have a better than average chance of securing a hit; although it’s technically cheating when Dad decides that he wants to keep the barriers up! If you can get to the bowling alley on Tuesday or Thursday night, then your children can take advantage of the famous fluorescent nights, when the lights go out and children can compete to win prizes.

The family can make use of the bowling alley’s other facilities too. A sleek sports bar and giant screen TV are perfect for sports fans wanting to catch up on the games back home; while video games and pool tables make the bowling alley the perfect venue for a family night out.

Dog Sledding

Hold on tight! Dog tours can be booked from your ski chalet Meribel and whether your child is an animal lover or an adventurer he’s bound to have the time of his life. A team of six huskies will pull a sleigh through the snow-covered slopes and past your ski chalet to Meribel’s forested area, where your guide will let the huskies run wild while you enjoy the ride of your life. Guests can choose from one hour to half day tours and the company also offers a specialised night outing where guests can whizz over the snow covered terrain at night when the slopes are empty. If you’re feeling brave, a friendly word with the guide will get you a turn on the reins, but be warned that the dogs are a lot stronger than they look. Of course, there’s always time after the ride to pose for photographs with the husky pack, so if your children would like to pretend that they’re leading passengers on their husky driven sleigh, that’s also good.

Snow Biking

If trudging around in the snow around your ski chalet in Meribel in heavy boots just isn’t your idea of a good time, then why not whizz past it on a snow bike. Children can borrow miniature scooter, and the afternoon and evening tours offered at Meribel are suitable for drivers of all levels of experience. A bike with skis in place of wheels may look like an unusual way to get around, but the bikes were designed especially with snow in mind. While professionals might get their kicks riding up and down black level ski slopes, the trails selected by our knowledgeable ski guides are better suited for family adventurers.

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