Ep 1 – Starting Up An Electrical Contracting Company & Documenting My Journey As We Go

Ep 1 – Starting Up An Electrical Contracting Company & Documenting My Journey As We Go

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I’m Dustin Stelzer, I own an electrical contracting company called LiveWire Electrical Services. We’re based out of Austin, TX and we want to create a company that is known for troubleshooting and problem solving. We strive to be More Like Tesla, Less Like Edison. These videos are about starting an Electrical Contracting company and documenting our successes and failures along the way.

In this video I introduce myself and talk about why I’ve created this channel. I’d like to meet other people that are just starting out their journey to growing an electrical contracting company. This is mainly for electricians…more specifically young hustling electricians, to be able to get and give advice for how to start your own company and talk about the lessons learned along the way. Whether you’re an Apprentice, Journeyman, or Master, please comment and watch our journey. It may help you on yours.

I talk a little about being young and trying to find guys (and gals) that are young like me and are hustling and grinding everyday because this is their passion. I’d like to use this channel as a way to meet other electricians and get insight into how I can better grow my company. I’d also like to use this as a platform to show other electricians what we’re doing and what problems we run into along the way.

I’m here to teach and be taught. I’m documenting my journey from becoming a Master Electrician to growing an electrical contracting company from scratch.

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