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.tags Oil , Called “liquid gold.” Because with the natural characteristics of the treatment of many diseases, the role of help, and can purify air, disinfection, sterilization, has been known since ancient times still in use. In beauty Cosmetic Area, oil is more sudden emergence in recent years, many consumers are, and develop into a worthy and fashion, jewelry and other industries a huge industry comparable.

Gives institutional predicted that “in the global skin care essential oils generally the role and effect of favorable circumstances, the development trend of plant essential oils is an alternative to chemical cosmetics and into every home,” then, this prediction is in in the near future become reality?

The so-called essential oils, natural plants from flowers, leaves, seeds, fruit, branches, bark, wood, roots, underground stems, gum or oleoresin extracted from the concentration in the liquid, which is the plant’s volatile aromatic substances and the plant immune system and repair the essence. Developed by plant essential oil aromatherapy is aromatic plants Essence Oil use “fragrance,” “massage” and the “bath” and other ways, through human sense of smell, taste, touch, sight, hearing five sensory function, the plant hormone, through the skin and respiratory absorption into the pituitary gland adjust the body endocrine, and thus in physical and psychological adjustment to physical and psychological recovery coordination, eliminate depression, anxiety, boredom, anger and other emotions and fatigue, to achieve a kind of body, mind, and spirit are all comfortable feeling It was also called “five-sense therapy”, have become popular in the world.

Should be said that oil from its source, efficacy and safety and other aspects than the obvious advantages of chemical cosmetics.

First of all, oil is extracted from the plant. Moreover, the more pure essential oils, raw materials of plant varieties, plant growth environment, season and time of plant collection, collection site, refining method, the higher the storage environment requirements. Therefore, this ideology to the entire consumption of natural, ecological development aspirations are the same, which is consistent with the consumer’s desire.

Secondly, with pure plant essential oils to promote cell regeneration, sterilization, stabilization and regulation of the immune function of commonality, their natural aroma through the olfactory nerve into the brain, it can stimulate the brain anterior to the spirit of the state showing the most comfortable, This is the guardian spirit, the winning formula. Moreover, the oil produced by the human body function, not only through the skin, can enter the body through the respiratory system to adjust the endocrine system, so coordination of physical and psychological recovery. This is equivalent to more than a skin and body and mind adjust the channel.

Third, small molecular structure of pure essential oils to quickly penetrate the skin, high absorption rate. Test data show that essential oils penetrate the skin face an average of 1 mm, only 30-60 seconds, and was more than 90% absorption rate, chemical cosmetics, which is unmatched.

Fourth, pure essential oils with high security. Only symptomatic care, essential oils of allergy and adverse reaction rate is very low, almost close to zero, while the other cosmetics in particular, chemical cosmetics can not achieve such security.

Fifth, a number of essential oils to use, say, inhalation, bath, direct coating method, massage, according to deposition method, spraying, fumigation, foot bath method, mouth and so on, which would allow consumers according to their needs, essential oils of varieties of care places a reasonable choice, convenience, while consumers enjoy more diverse.

Sixth, using the experience from the perspective of consumers in recent years, more and more consumers begin to accept and love the use of essential oils for skin care and body and mind. In particular essential oils to the skin and body based on the consumer to personalize the deployment status, and reconcile a variety of flavor for consumers to popular consumers. Uniformity than chemical cosmetics applied to millions of consumers are more popular.

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