Exclusive Benefits of the Membership in Yale Alumni Association


One of the most prestigious universities in the world takes care about its alumni and provides them with a number of exclusive benefits. As a matter of fact, membership in the Yale Alumni Association is extremely beneficial and responsible at the same time. It goes without saying that alumni are provided with numerous services and benefits. However, they should support their university on their turn. Alumni help the university financially and support with equipment and books. Moreover, they help the university government to update the courses to modern professional needs. They also help current students with their future career and provide educational grants. So, what are the benefits that alumni get being members of the Yale Alumni Association? 1. First of all, alumni have right to use all the university facilities and services during events organized by the alumni association. For example, during Reunions, alumni can enjoy their time on-campus and be engaged in university life. Alumni can get involved in all class activities or organize alumni groups. Alumni can also participate in volunteering activity at the Yale Day of Service. 2. Alumni have a great possibility to keep in touch with their friends from the university through online alumni directory, e-line newsletters and Virtual Yale Station E-mail Forwarding Alias. 3. Alumni also have a possibility to use such a service as Lifelong Learning. Yale gives alumni the opportunity to attend university courses, video-lectures, problem sets and suggested readings. Moreover, one can download in his/her MP3 player or iPod all the lectures, interviews, speeches, discussions given by the university tutors, professors and guests. 4. Yale alumni can use a career service available on the online community site. A number of alumni networking profiles are available there. 5. Another service for alumni is the Yale Educational Travel that provides for alumni educational programs around the world.

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