Extra Money From eBay


We all could use a little bit of extra money.  One very easy way to get some is to take a look  around your house to see what you aren’t using any more and then sell it off. Many people do this by having  garage sale.  That is fine if you are in a major hurry to get clutter cleared out, but it might be worth your time to take a few minutes to see if items similar to yours are selling on eBay.

Selling on eBay is actually quite simple.  You sign up for free, follow their step by step instructions and before you know it, you are selling on the internet.  I have sold many items on eBay that people have literally given away to me for free at garage sales and yard sales.  The things that people will pay for can be quite surprising.  Although I am willing and able to go out and search garage sales for bargains, many people do not have the time or the inclination to do likewise.  For them, it is worth the extra expense they pay by buying their merchandise on eBay.  That is great news for sellers like me.  It works out quite well.  I put in the time digging up the stuff at yard sales, which I enjoy anyway, and the eBay buyers pay me for the convenience of shopping at home.  It is a definite win/win situation as far as I can see.

After you have sold off unwanted items from your own home, spend a little bit of time browsing through the completed auctions in the various categories of eBay.  This is where you can find out what is selling and what is not.  One of the best areas to target if you are going to start looking for merchandise to sell, is the collectibles category.  There is a collector for just about anything you can imagine.  Jot down some notes about what is selling well and then go out and visit some yard sales, garage sales and estate sales.  Once you sell your first item that cost you a dollar for a profit of ten or twenty dollars you will probably want to repeat the process.  Simply go back to eBay and jot down some more items to keep a watch for when you go shopping.  If you have a little bit of extra time to head out to the sales on Saturday morning, you can make yourself a nice little extra income.

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