Faberge Eggs And Other Russian Gifts

.tags Perhaps you have ancestors from Russia. Russian gifts like Faberge eggs are an excellent way to express Russian culture and tradition. Here are a few suggestions for Russian style gifts for people that are special to you.

Faberge eggs

These items have a rich tradition in Russian history. Once made for the Czar, copies are available to the public. These works of art can be bought in many places, today. Their design and beauty is appreciated by people all over the world. These gifts are especially appreciated around Easter time.

There only 105 known authentic Faberge eggs known to exist. However, there are very good copies and some are expensive. It will depend on the materials.

Nesting Dolls

Nesting dolls are those works of art with one doll inside the other. They are also known as babushka dolls, which means “grandmother”. Some of the artwork can be very elaborate in design. The sets usually have at least 5 dolls and may have more. They have been around since their invention in 1890. The original set is modeled after some Japanese wooden dolls. Those dolls represent the Seven Gods of Fortune. One god represents health, another represents longevity, and so on.

Many people receive these lovely dolls as gifts but have a hard time opening them. They may seem stuck and sometimes it is difficult to open them without causing damage. Here are some tips for opening your dolls more easily.

1. Lay a towel down on a flat surface. This keeps you from losing some of the smaller pieces.

2. With the doll sideways, grab the head with one hand and the end with the other. Keep the doll at chest level.

3. Pull the doll toward you and it will break open. This works well for the larger dolls in the set.

4. Repeat the same process until the dolls are too small to use this technique.

5. Open the small dolls in an upright position. Use a slight forward pull to pop them open.

6. With the tiny ones, hold the top of the doll in your fingers. With the other hand, gently apply pressure with the middle finger and thumb. You will notice that the seam will begin to come apart.

7. With the very tiny ones, hold them sideways and use the fingernail to separate the seam. Be careful that you do not apply too much pressure, as they may be very thin and easily break.

Russian Shawls and Scarves

Wool shawls and scarves represent traditional Russian clothing. They may also be made from silk. The scarves are traditionally worn by wrapping around the neck and tying in the front. They may also be wrapped around the head and tied in the front. The head scarves may also be tied in the back, after tying in the front. Of course, there are many other ways to wear these items, also.


Russian gifts are an excellent way to keep Russian tradition and heritage. Some important gifts are babushka dolls and scarves. Faberge eggs are also a lovely way to express the Easter holiday. They are lovely enough to be kept in a display case, and many are made from expensive materials.

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