Facebook Marketing For Restaurants – Timeline Cover Promotion Idea To Get More Customers

Facebook Marketing For Restaurants – Timeline Cover Promotion Idea To Get More Customers
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How would you like me to show you a simple facebook marketing strategy and tactic that you can start using today to get a step ahead of your competition.

Now here’s a strategy I know 99.99% of your competition isn’t using and can get your restaurant out front today. How do I know that? Two reasons, one, because we developed the idea here at omg and second, because we’re on fb everyday and see nobody doing this except our clients.

The concept is simple, keep updating & changing your timeline cover photo, at least monthly to be a leader in your marketplace and out in front of holidays and special events that can create customer flow to your restaurant. Like, Valentines day, st patricks day, easter, christmas, mothers day, fathers day etc…. also you can include any special event that your restaurant may hold, like octoberfest, spring bbq’s,superbowl sunday, football tailgates & any other promotional event you can think of – there’s always a holiday and event coming up in the USA.

he beauty of doing this is not only showing your facebook followers that you are current and up to date, which fb users love and look for, it also keeps your restaurant promoting the next big money making holiday or event for you.

Most restaurants on facebook don’t realize that they can not only brand their timeline cover photo but you can put specials, deals, events offers and any other message you want to get out to your fanpage visitors.

Plus another feature of doing these updates that most fb users do not realize is that everytime you change or update your timeline cover photo it ends up in the newsfeed of all your fans – free instant branding and promotion for your restaurant. Throw a great offer in your new cover photo tied into the next big holiday or event and your ahead of the game.

Have your timeline cover designed around a beautiful mothers day brunch and ad a great offer – then run some facebook paid ads and watch your likes, page fans and new customer base grow quickly and continue to do so month after month, holiday after holiday.

We will keep your cover photo updated with both upcoming holidays and events, plus any special events and promotions you want to run. We normally provide this entry level service to restaurants for $497 annual subscription but we are offering ridiculous no brainer annual fee of $167, that’s over 65% off and it provides you with up to 2 cover photo changes per month or 24 per year – that’s less than $7 per cover image design, less than the cost of disposable drinking cups your staff uses everyday!

If you want to take advantage of this ridiculously low cost introductory service for your restaurant now, then just go ahead and click on the button below and get access to it while we’re still offering it in your area, because of our ethical standards and the exclusivity terms we offer, we will only do this for one restaurant per city, so grab this great deal before your competition does.

Where else can you brand, market and promote your restaurant to thousands of locally targeted customers twice a month for less? Answer, you can’t.

Go ahead and click on the button below for a look at some of our sample professionally designed promotional timeline covers and have us get your restaurant more customers in seats using this simple, inexpensive yet powerful marketing strategy today. You’ll love the results, I Guarantee it..

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