Fairy Tattoo Designs – The Sexiest, Hottest and Cutest in Feminine Tattoo Designs


Fairy tattoo designs are a great design to consider.  Of course if you are trying to pick a tattoo design you should always go with your gut and pick a design because it is important to you.  Don’t ever get a tattoo because it was popular at the time as you might regret your decision later.  However, if you were already considering different fairy tattoo designs there are a lot of options out there for you.  That is one of the greatest things about tattoos.  You are never stuck to only one style.  You can take any type of tattoo and alter it in an infinite number of ways to suit your needs.  Well, fairy tattoos are no different there are an infinite way to customize them.  Here are just a few of the things you can do with your own tattoo design.

Tribal Fairy Tattoo
A tribal fairy tattoo can work great.  Although at first this might not be a combination that people think of.  Yet for some people a standard fairy might be too feminine or too cute and they might want something that looks a little more powerful and strong .  Thus adding the bold and strong black lines of a tribal design into the fairy can work well.  It creates a certain amount of balance in the design.  So how can a tribal design work with a fairy design?  Well the wings can be done in a tribal black line work design or you can feature a tribal design on the sides or even behind the fairy.  For example think of a long rectangular tattoo design like the lower back tattoo.  A fairy wouldn’t fit correctly here as it would get too stretched out and not work well.  So a person can easily place the fairy in the middle and then have two tribal line work designs going out away from the fairy.

Cute Fairy Tattoos
Another version of a fairy tattoo is a cuter version.  The actual design can be made to look cute, sexy, feminine even coy.  It is all about the positioning of the fairy and the expression on the face.  For example a fairy with long legs and a short little skirt will look very different and convey a different meaning then a fairy that looks shy and is hiding her face.  So spend some time considering how you want your fairy to be posed and the expression on the face that you are after.  Do you want to show your sexy side to the world in this cute tattoo design or your shyness?

Natural Fairy Tattoos
There is always the all natural fairy tattoo that lives with other woodland creatures in a very natural environment.  These can be anything from a very bold statement and appreciation for nature to a more mystical and mysterious design depending on the placement of the elements of the design, and the colors used.  For example if the natural environment has glimmering stars and fog it will look more magical then one with big trees.

Butterfly Fairy Tattoos
Of course there is also the butterfly fairy tattoo mix which can work well also.  This can be anything from a cute fairy sitting on top of a magical mushroom and a butterfly landing on her hand to a butterfly fairy.  That would be a fairy with butterfly wings.

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