Family Vacation Road Trip Survival Guide


In today’s economy, many people are looking into short road trips for their vacations. Sometimes, it’s even fun to take a day trip to a place a few hours away that you haven’t seen before.

If you have small children under the age of 8, remember that they can only sit for about forty-five minutes to an hour. It’s best to review the route and plan for regular stops to stretch their legs and let them run around. Older children can probably go ninety minutes up to two hours, but it’s best not to push it too hard.

Before the trip, talk with the kids about all the fun and exciting things you’ll see along the way so they’ll remember to keep looking outside. Consider getting them each a disposable camera and a journal to write down all the fun things they see.

Always keep hard candy nearby to pass out for children older than four. It helps with carsickness, and it helps keep kids from getting too thirsty.

To save money, have a picnic basket with sandwiches, fruit and chips for lunch. You can find a roadside rest area, and enjoy a well-made lunch that will allow you to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet while the kids run around. Also, pack frozen juice boxes or water bottles, as they’ll melt while you’re driving and be perfectly chilled by the time you eat.

Regardless of whether you’re spending the night away, bring the kids pillows. It makes it easier for them to nap as well as setting up boundary lines.

Some kids can read or focus on puzzles while driving, and for others, it makes them carsick. Pack a variety of activities, and encourage playing age old games like “I Spy” and License Plate Bingo.

In addition, pack plastic bags as barf bags just in case. You can always use them later for dirt clothes, etc. Pack up damp washcloths in another plastic bag to use for cleaning up faces and hands. And always bring extra clothes, even if it’s just for a day trip.

Taking care of the basics will allow you to focus on having fun and making wonderful memories.

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