Famous People With Lung Cancer


Lung cancer has the highest growing mortality rate in both men and women who have the same lifestyle or is exposed to lung irritants for their entire life. And this kind of disease is not a choosy one, there are many famous people with lung cancer who are now six feet under the ground.

Lung cancer is committed to anyone who is qualified therefore even if you’re just the average Joe or a really famous person, you are not excluded in the list of probable affectations.

Here are some famous people who died of lung cancer just to name a few:

Walt Disney

Creator of the fictional cartoon characters which is still growing in popularity for the young and old, Walt Disney is the man of genius as he was responsible for building the Walt Disney Studio and the Walt Disney Theme Park known as Disneyland. Walt Disney died out of lung cancer complications on December 15, 1966 inside St. Joseph’s Hospital which is located right across the street from where his studio stands. He died at the age of 65 years old. It is said that his body was cremated and the remains were put inside their family crypt in Glendale, California at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

Nat “King” Cole

A famous jazz musician, Nat “King” Cole is considered to be a chain smoker during his time, consuming more than three cigarette packs everyday. He died of lung cancer a day after Valentine’s Day which is February 15, 1965. Before the day of his death, an interview was made talking about Cole’s way of perceiving his cancer as something making him feel better; looking at the condition more of a blessing than a situation.

Steve McQueen

Died on November 7, 1980, Steve McQueen was known as the super-cool guy back in the 60s who rose to popularity from being a troubled juvenile to being one of the top loved actors of his time. Even after his death, McQueen is still admired by many as one of the coolest icons of all time. McQueen died from a lung cancer type that is related to being exposed to too much asbestos known as mesothelioma. This resulted to him having an enormous tumor affecting his right lung.

Clay Shaw

A controversial persona, Clay Laverne Shaw lived in New Orleans, Louisiana as a successful businessman. Through the success lies the prosecution of having been connected with the assassination of the late John F. Kennedy. He was the only person accused of plotting the assassination although was not found guilty at any offense. On August 15, 1974, Shaw died at the age of 61 because of lung cancer which has metastasized.

Robert Mitchum

Robert Charles Mitchum, an Academy Award nominee and an American composer, singer, actor and author. Mitchum died on July 1, 1997 after his 80th birthday out of complications caused by emphysema and lung cancer. Dying, Mitchum was regarded by critics as one of the finest actors during the Golden Age.

These famous people with lung cancer died out of the different complications even with extensive treatment modalities that were used. Still, there are a lot of musicians, actors and even personalities outside Hollywood who died and are currently experiencing signs and symptoms of lung cancer.

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