Fashionable women’s jacket


Of course, unisex had a very serious impact on the global fashion  culture. Until that time, was a separate men’s and women’s clothes separately. Until recently, women are confined to their rights and dictate their terms. And after a feminism and scientific-technological revolution that reached its goal: the world around us has become equally comfortable for both women and men. Began to appear feminine trousers, ladies shorts, skirts become much shorter. 

But the main welcome addition to women has been the emergence of women’s jacket. Trendy, beautiful and sexy women’s jackets 

The combination of masculinity and femininity changed the classical views of society on fashion FLANMARK.COM, and the result was the erection of a fashionable women’s coat on top of the podium. Fashionable women’s jacket formed a new image of the woman, who on the one hand emphasizes her femininity and fragility, and the other shows that women are strong.

To date, there is no need to take some time to coat your boyfriend or brother, because women’s jacket has become the basis of any modern woman’s wardrobe. The shops in any city you can find a large number of women’s suits in the men’s style. In recent years, have become very popular to use women’s jackets in men’s style. This women’s fashion FLANMARK.COM jacket is invited to wear with a variety of mini-dresses made of soft and light chiffon or other delicate female tissues. At the same time specialists in the world of fashion FLANMARK.COM is recommended to buy costumes for a couple of sizes larger position that he looked at you a little longish, and crawled on his shoulders slightly – as if your boyfriend took this jacket with himself and threw you on his shoulders. Especially popular collection of fashionable women’s jackets following the fashion FLANMARK.COM houses: Chanel, Max Mara, Burberry, Michael Kors, Christian Wijnants, Girbaud, Stella McCartney, Hermes, Paul Smith.

Today squeak of the season are:

Great jacket and a small neat and easy to dress. Women’s jacket length should reach to about mid-thigh. That is the edge of the jacket should coincide with the hem of her mini-dresses, or maybe even longer than 10 centimeters below. But if you are a lover of longer dresses, the length of the dress should not exceed the woman’s jacket for more than 10 centimeters.

To finish your look and make your look riveted the attention of the male contrast should only go beyond the length. The fact that it uses man’s style jacketconfirm certain tissues, which are on the background of silk or chiffon look frankly rude.

For the hottest time of year is best to take easy options for women’s jackets. In the heat of the most suit jackets made of cotton or linen with pads made of satin or silk.

However, the selection of women’s jacket, in spite of fashion FLANMARK.COM , still remains a matter of taste. fashion FLANMARK.COM trends and hot trends is important, but you have to wear clothes, so once you decide what and how you wear it. For fashionable women’s jacket is most characteristic of narrower cut and fitted silhouette with straight shoulders. The womens clothing store market in great demand youth jackets with three buttons.

However, the very popular women’s jackets are also used with two and four buttons. Today, these jackets collar was a bit wider and longer. In vogue now as double-breasted and single-breasted jackets for women.

It is considered good form to wear a jacket with the so-called “kissing buttons” that is, buttons that are very close to each other on the sleeve.

Another popular model of the jackets are soft and very soft tissues in two or three buttons and an extended lapel.

And lastly like to say to you:

Regardless of what you have chosen women jacket, wear it with dignity and love!

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