Fat Burner Ingredients


Since the banning of Ephedra by the FDA, many people have begun to wonder what ingredients are included in fat burners today and whether these work. Ephedra, although it was proven to provide excellent results, also carried with it some major consequences for users. Since it is no longer available, manufacturers have had to scramble to find the next best thing.

Green Tea Extract is one of the most commonly used ingredients in fat burners. It is also one of the most popular ingredients by consumers simply because of its medicinal aspects. This ingredient has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes and has been shown to reduce the risks of many types of cancers. It helps to boost the body’s own immune system and now manufacturers have proven its benefits in the weight loss market. Green Tea works by giving you a boost of energy throughout the day. When you have more energy, you can skip that extra cup of coffee and still keep up with your busy schedule. You can also get that much-needed workout in at the end of your day.

Next on the ingredients list is R-ALA. This is the purest form of ALA or Alpha-Lipoic-Acid that can be found. R-ALA speeds up your body’s ability to remove sugar from the blood. This ingredient gives you energy by breaking down sugar. When you eat foods with sugar or carbohydrates, R-ALA helps to break down these foods immediately to be used for energy. This way the sugar and fat is not stored in your system but is burned off as energy. Studies have also shown that R-ALA can be used as a successful anti-aging product and help you to live longer.

Finally, another widely used ingredient in fat burners is CLA. CLA is itself a fatty acid and it helps you to lose fat as well. This is a natural fat burner that you can normally get in many meats and dairy products. CLA helps to burn fat and helps to build muscle as well. Studies have also shown that this ingredient can help to improve the efficiency of the food that you eat. Once you have lost the weight that you want to lose, taking supplements with CLA can help you to maintain your new healthy weight.

It is crucial for weight loss to note that although these ingredients will help you to burn fat at a faster rate, they will not do it alone. You cannot keep eating unhealthy foods and not exercising if you want them to work. They work by helping your diet and exercise remove fat from your body. A healthy diet along with a good weight loss exercise program will be needed along with the fat burning supplements. Cardiovascular exercise will help to speed up weight loss. If you want to use fat burners to help you lose weight, be sure to choose a healthy diet that you can stick with and implement a good cardio workout routine at least three days each week for thirty minutes each day.

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