Fatigue During Pregnancy

.tags Fatigue during pregnancy is normal in most cases, however, many women begin to get frustrated and even scared that something is wrong. If you are concerned, you can always consult with your doctor to see if there is any cause of concern. Typically, fatigue is just a symptom of a normal pregnancy.

By doing this you will avoid the bloated feeling that normally accompanies large meals, and will therefore not feel so tired or the need to sleep so often. Eating smaller meals more regularly will help keep your energy reserves up, as there will be shorter gaps between meals, which will prevent you from snacking (particularly on sugary foods) and will keep your metabolism more balanced, thus reducing the possibility of suffering from fatigue during pregnancy.

It is very important to consume foods that will benefit both mom and unborn baby. Your body needs more calories while pregnant and the food you eat is what helps to provide the body with energy. Food to the body is like gas to a car. The better the gas, the better the car runs. The healthier the food, the less mom feels worn out.

Food is the best source of iron. This means eating lots of dark green leafy vegetables, wholemeal bread, iron-fortified cereals, potatoes, lean red meat, shellfish and raisins.

The only thing that you will not want to do, will be the one thing that will drag you from that state of fatigue. The first Trimester tends to be the hardest for feeling fatigue, a little gentle exercise will invigorate your body and your mind. While exercising, endorphins are released that will help to bring down your levels of stress and improve your moods. Pregnant or not, the hardest part as we all know is beginning the exercises but make that transition, fit it in to your routine to spend half an hour a day doing gentle exercises.

If hypothyroidism is diagnosed before pregnancy, the person should take medicines for at least 6 months and bring the hormone level to normal and then get pregnant. The person should not cease taking the medicines with out their doctor’s instructions even if they want to which is often the tendancy. It is important to bear in mind that this hormone is essential for the growth and development of the fetus, as well as for normal pregnancy and labor.

Most people believe that they should not eat during labor. There is no reason for them to do so. In fact, if you do not eat properly, your energy levels will decrease and you will feel more fatigued. Hunger is one of the signs of early labor. It urges the mother to eat and conserve energy for the real task.

Exercise – Pregnancy exercises which are safe for your unborn child can be helpful in getting rid of a migraine headache. Exercise increases circulation, which aids in easing the pain of a this hard hitting headache.

Mild contractions might start when you are sleeping. Knowing this fact makes the women too excited or too nervous to sleep. And lack of sound sleep results in beginning their labor. Tiredness and fatigue is another reason for early labor in pregnancy which increases the discomfort among women. So if you do not want to face such situations then take sufficient rest.

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