Fedora: The King of Accessories


When searching for the right fashion accessories, what do you choose? Maybe a nice belt or a chic scarf? Why not add a little more style to your look with a fedora? By no means new to the fashion industry, fedoras are versatile and maintain popularity among different generations, races, and social groups. Men and women both can look sharp in these stylish hats.


The fedora is a hat that is typically creased down the center and pinched at the front with a brim that goes around on all sides. The term fedora comes from a 1880’s play in which the female heroine wore a hat similar to what is now considered a fedora. The hat became a female fashion into the early 1900’s. Soon, though, the hat became a fashion item for men because men who worked in the cities wore it to protect their heads, could roll it up easily, and liked the stylish look. The look caught on and became signature hat of the time. Fedoras appeared in many movies in the 1940’s and 1950’s, often worn by tough gangster or private detective characters, often accompanied by a nice suit or trench coat. They lost their popularity around the 1970’s, but have since come back into the fashion scene. Although the fedora started out as a style of the upper class, throughout the years, it has become a more casual clothing accessory.

Famous Fedoras

Many movie characters and celebrities have been noted for wearing fedoras. Humphrey Bogart’s character in Casablanca is one of the most notable examples. Gene Kelly wore one in Singin’ in the Rain. Dick Tracy, the Blues Brothers, and Indiana Jones also sported fedoras. Michael Jackson aided in the revival of the fedora as a fashion statement, wearing black and white fedoras. Stars, such as Justin Timberlake, Jason Mraz, Britney Spears, Brad Pitt and Jamie Foxx have also worn fedoras on occasion.

Anyone Can Wear a Fedora

Fedoras are a great fashion accessory to wear everyday. They are stylish whether worn with a classy tuxedo, a cute skirt, or casual jeans. They are great in the winter or rain to keep your head warm and protected while still looking nice. And they look good on almost everyone! Men, women, teenagers, and older ones can wear fedoras on just about any occasion. Anyone can add some style to their wardrobe with a nice fedora.

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