Female Infertility Treatment: Using Simple Vitamins As Female Infertility Treatment

While majority of medical doctors would agree that a balanced and healthy diet is the best means of getting minerals and vitamins that your body requires, there are some fertility vitamins and nutritional supplements that are available over the counter which have been shown to enhance fertility.

The incorporation of these natural nutritional and vitamins supplements may aid a woman to get pregnant if the case of infertility is due to a lack of minerals and vitamins. The following are some of the common vitamins and minerals that can serve as natural female infertility treatment:


Iron – female infertility has always been associated with a deficiency in iron
Selenium – this mineral has antioxidant properties which aids in lessening the risk of birth defects. When taken by men, selenium can also help in increasing sperm count
Folic acid – when women take folic acid prior to becoming pregnant, it has long been known that this mineral can help in the prevention birth defects. Folic acid is also known to improve fertility.
Zinc – this mineral helps women to efficiently make use of estrogen and testosterone. In men, zinc is known to have properties that maintains the production of testosterone and leads to improved sperm count and motility.
Vitamins B6 and B12 – vitamin B6 is shown to be a natural female infertility treatment. In men, vitamin B12 aids in improving sperm count
Vitamin E – it was found out that raising the intake of this vitamin helps in increasing the chances of success when using IVF procedures.
Vitamin C – a deficiency of this vitamin may cause the sperm cells in men to clump together. In addition to this, men who have a daily dose of this vitamin may observe a great improvement in terms of sperm count and motility. In women who are on the fertility medication clomiphene, vitamin C may also boost the odds of getting pregnant.


Just making minor adjustments on your diet that includes all these vitamins can make a lot of difference in preparing your body for pregnancy. Vitamins as a female infertility cure can be easiest to implement, but not the only way to cure infertility.

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