Fendi Handbag History


The Fendi nameplace has been around more than 100 years now. Adele Casagande had the brand open under her own name with she opened a store in Rome, Italy with leather and furs, but then she married a man who was also a designer named (Eduardo) “Fendi” and changed the name to run the business with him. It took almost the bulk of 20 years, but eventually the brand became popular all over the world and well known throughout the fashion industry. In the early years, all of the family children were involved in the business, and a second store was opened in 1932 called “Via Piave”.

Fendi was a well known fashion plate for the first half of the century, but it wasn’t until it began to be featured in higher end department and fashion stores such as Bloomingdales New York that it was internationally known. When this happenned, many other European fashion houses began capitalizing on the success in the United States. Everyone recognizes the Fendi nameplate, and now they have a full line of clothes, shoes, belts, sunglasses, and many other things besides designer handbags.

What you Need to Know about Fendi Bags:

– They are very expensive
– Manufactured in limited quantities
– They can be a status symbol of the upper class
– Cost can be hundreds to thousands of dollars

Can you get a discounted Fendi Bag?

Well, that depends on whether or not you’re willing to do a little investigative shopping. If you can manage to come at the end of the season when the new models are coming in, and the old ones are being clearanced out – you might be able to get one as much as 50% off – even in high end department stores.

Then again, some people are fooled into buying fake or counterfeit Fendi bags, and you certainly don’t want to be caught with a knockoff if you intended to have an authentic designer bag on your arm.

How to spot a fake Fendi:

Fakes can be very hard to find, with millions in potential profits at stake knockoff designers take great pains to make sure no detail has been left out. Here are some things to think about before buying…

– Certificate of Authenticity: do you get one? These can be faked too, but you being offered one is better than not.
– Look for Plastic: Even even one part of the bag appears to be plastic (especially the straps), it’s a fake!
– Put your Nose On It: a bag made from “manufactured” or man-made materials will definitely smell just like chemicals or cleaners. What does an authentic designer bag smell like? LEATHER!
– Check out the inside: What does the lining look like? How clean is the stitching? Almost all designer bags have an authentic satin or leather interior.
– Take it to a Fendi Dealer: They’ll perform an authenticity check at no cost and tell you right away if it’s the real deal or not.

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