Few Of The Top Cold Remedies Natural And Home


With the arrival of the winter season the problems related to cold, flu, cough also arrives. With the start of the season of the cold along with starts the season of advertisements on the television regarding the various medicines which cure the cough and cold but these medicines just stops the cold but not cure them and the time also gets wasted and the problem comes back after a few days.

The cure which are natural and can be done with the help of the ingredients from home or made at your own houses are preferred by a lot of people who don’t want to take the medicines which are too strong for your body or rather have some ill effects and have some reactions to the body and also contains the substance which are unknown to a ordinary person. Few of the popular remedies are as follows.

To have a hot chicken soup is one of the best cure for the cold as the hot and warm soups is gulped down the throat with it steam and the aroma of the flavor opens up the nostrils of the nose and rather the chicken soup has all the basic nutrients which are required by the body in order to resolve the problem of cold as the chicken soup is considered to be rich in proteins.

Sauna and steam
The steam bath relaxes up your body as with the steam rising up to your nose it opens up the nostrils and also is very helpful in curing the chest congestions and with the steam and sauna bath the mind and the entire body feels very light. Thus the cold problem of the body gets some relief and taking the steam bath on regular basis also helps to solve this problem for ever.

When you are suffering from the problem of cold and flu the viruses which causes this infection always attack on the white cells of the body which are considered as the health maintaining cells so to strengthen these cells you should eat those food which have loads of vitamin C which will help in the growth of the fighter cell and will get you cured from within your body such as the intake of various juices and fruits may prove beneficial.

The another remedy is to take the heat or the cool mist vaporizer which helps in reducing the problems related to cold and the vaporizer should be the Herbal Vaporizer. The herbal vaporizer just act as the steam only that is you should take the steam by putting on the steamer machine in your bed room every day.

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