Fighting Depression over a Loss


Loss is one of a reality of our lives which we all need to face in our life time one day or the other, it happens to all of us and the experience act as a social, reactive trigger for depression. The problem with all of us is that we all are emotional individual beings and we do tend to find and attach our selves with the permanence to our surroundings, the surroundings of our relationships, work, and even material possessions that at the same time do tend to lend a structure to our lives.

We are aware that all these things are temporary but still we tend to get attached and most of the time we cling to the illusion of permanence. And so when something happens to shatter that illusion we can be very badly affected. What that compound the problem is that one should be able to cope with the existing phase of ones life but due to the human nature one can’t thus resulting in depression.

Thus depression results from our own self and from our own demands of attachments toward our surroundings. Loss which one may face results towards ones attachment, we tend to be strong enough to handle the situation in best strong emotional way so as to win the phase of our life toward depression though it may not sound appropriate for the situation of loss but still one may give a try so as to sane oneself from the feel and torture of the depression which one may usually face as a result.

Hereunder are given some of the loss events, which have the tendency to trigger the reactive session of depression. You may find some of them of normal intensity, but if these are not treated or overcome on time, they can be very severe:

–  Losing your partner, either by death or divorce.
–  Losing your faith steadily.
–  Lacking health and mobility due to some reasons.
–  Losing your favorite pet.
–  Losing your material wealth.
–  Losing once home or community, or settling in an area where everyone is strange to you.
–  Losing a best friend, either by argument, geography or death.
–  Another event that can trigger your depression is to lose your parents.

The impact of loss is not limited to just loss; there are other factors that might associate with the pain of loss itself. For instance, a sudden loss of your partner, especially if you loss your husband, this will bring forth all your hidden insecurities of being unlovable. Or if you lost your mother and suddenly you realize that you have an awful relationship with your mother in the past. Sometimes the loss it self is not so significant, but these powerful emotions can cause more severe depression.

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