Film news: Could Robin Hood be Will Smith’s next great role?


Tights, bows and arrows at the ready! Whispers from the Hollywood film news rumour mill suggest that Robin Hood is to be given yet another reboot – with Will Smith in the frame for one of the lead roles.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Andy and Lana Wachowski at Warner Bros. are set to helm the project, with a comic book feel expected from insiders.

With the project still in the very early stages, we’re probably years away from even seeing any film trailers for the flick – but it’s still as good an excuse as any to look at the long and varied career of Mr Smith.

Since attracting global attention in 90s comedy favourite the Fresh Prince of Bell-Air, Will has kept audiences – if not always critics – entertained with his quick wit and fast-action style.

Here’s some of our favourite Smith moments from down the years – and no, there’s no room for The Wild Wild West.

Battling aliens in Independence Day…
This was the film that catapulted Smith from small-screen jester to major Hollywood star as he took on deadly aliens intent on spoiling one of America’s favourite holidays with a mass invasion. Although the film itself was typically hollow Hollywood disaster move stuff, Smith’s performance marked him out as one to watch in the years to come.

Making friends with aliens in Men in Black
A year later and Smith was a little more sympathetic towards our little green friends in this popular 1997 sci-fi comedy. Appearing alongside Tommy Lee Jones, he stole the show after providing the memorable soundtrack single. Although the sequel was predictably weak, this fun family fare has stood the test of time.

Playing matchmaker in Hitch

Although not well received by all film review writers, this 2005 rom-com saw Smith turn his talents back to another comedic role. Typically fluffy fare for the Valentine’s Day film-goers, the role of a professional date doctor was a natural fit for Smith.

Learning to love robots in iRobot
Playing it straight once again in 2035 Chicago, iRobot proved that Smith could do dizzying sci-fi without resorting to dancing with the aliens.

Playing The Greatest in Ali
This was the role which finally saw Smith prove himself a serious actor capable of carrying an entire film on his shoulders. As the title suggests, it details the highs and lows of boxing legend Muhammad Ali’s life – and secured Smith a Golden Globe nomination in the process.

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