Finding the Top Three Hair Loss Remedies


In the last two decades balding has become the issue of many studies. New products to combat balding are being put on the market to help to reduce the amount of balding people. It can get confusing for someone who is trying to find a product that will work for them. To find the best hair loss remedies, you can read on as they are listed with no bias.

Topical Products for Balding

Rogaine is one of the longest lasting hair restoration products on the market to date. There are many ways of topically applying Rogaine. This product comes in gels, lotions and hair wash. Any type of topical hair product can contain Rogaine and will work to ease balding.

One positive aspect of this item is that ladies can use it now because it is not just made for men. A lady who has pattern balding can get this product that is made specifically for her. There is some variation in the way a lady loses hair to the way that men do. They have changed some of the formulas to take in to account the needs of a lady’s hair type to make the products work better for them.

Hair Transplant Restoration

For those who are looking for the most lasting of the hair loss remedies, hair transplant restoration may be the best choice. Rogaine requires that you use the product continuously for it to keep working or else all the new growth will begin to deteriorate again. This is not true with hair transplanting as when you are finished getting treatment, you do not need to do anything else. All you have to do know that you are no longer bald.

Some may feel that transplanting is too expensive which when looked at over a long period of time of buying a product then it may not be so. Some of the other types of products do not guarantee results that are guaranteed with transplanting. Once your physician or specialist says that you can have this treatment they you will no longer be bald.


Some may wish to try the new pill on the market that is called Propecia. This treatment can only be used by males who have suffered from hair loss and that have found that this product works wonders in restoring the hair that has been lost. There have also been tests that show that this is a good product for the majority of men who have used it.

This product is not as popular for the ladies. Because birth defects can arise in a fetus from the use of this product, ladies who are of child bearing age should not use it. As with Rogaine, this product must be used continually or it will not work any more. If you miss any days in the treatment, it may not be as effective.

While there are a lot of hair loss remedies on the market, you will find few of them that will work as well as the ones that are listed above. They have proven time again to be successful.

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