Fish Oil Health Benefits During Pregnancy


When it comes to fish oil health benefits during pregnancy, consuming these essential fatty acids is one of the best things you can do for the brain development of your unborn child which will last long into the future. Research is showing that DHA omega 3 fatty acids raise the IQ level, motor skills, communication and social skills of the child. Research also shows that the child will have less asthma and allergies.

Infants get their omega 3 DHA through the placenta before birth and then through breast milk after birth. A diet high in oily fish has been shown to increase DHA levels in breast milk from 0.7% to higher than 1%. Omega 3 DHA is also added to some infant formulas.

Fish oil benefits during pregnancy not only help the unborn child but also have numerous advantages to the mother. Advantages range from improvement in memory and focus,  heart health, arthritic aches and pains, skin disorders, inflammation disorders, cancer and postpartum depression to name a few.

Scientists and Doctors all agree that that most people throughout the world are deficient in these important fatty acids. The most important type being DHA omega 3.Unfortunately there are very few means left,of ingesting these omega 3s. At one time they were readily available fresh foods, but due to the farming methods of today, they have been depleted.

Now that you have some information on fish oil health benefits during pregnancy,  the next question is how are you going to consume  the DHA omega 3s. Maybe you have access to oily fish. This is good, but you also need to be aware of the possibility of mercury contamination which could be toxic to both mother and the unborn child. For this reason, in 2004 the US Government advised limiting your intake to 340 grams weekly. The UK Government advises round about the same.

For all of these reasons a quality supplement is recommended. So, Why does a supplement not contain toxic mercury?  It depends on where the oily fish is sourced and the type of processing used to produce the supplement. Molecular distillation is best, which is a process where the natural oil is concentrated while at the same time the contaminants are removed.

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