Fit Yummy Mummy – After Birth Weight Loss


After birth weight loss usually takes up to six months to start to take effect. You should not be in too much of a hurry to lose all that weight you have acquired during pregnancy. You should be able to give time for your body to heal first since it would feel exhausted and stressed. Try to center your attention first on eating healthily to allow yourself to regenerate and prepare yourself for the upcoming tasks of becoming a new mother.

Exercise should be a part of your daily routine. It actually helps level out your moods aside from keeping you in shape. Just be careful to do it gradually, though and avoid any type of activity that could be too strenuous for your body. Make sure that if you decide to have exercise as part of your after birth weight loss regimen, you should always consult your doctor for some advice on how to get you started.

2 to 3 months after you give birth and you period has returned to normal, when you feel that you are strong enough to take on normal activities, you can begin following a stricter program. The ideal program to start with is to have an aim of losing 1 pound per week. Just remember to carry on with the healthy and balanced diet and you can be sure that after birth weight loss should be possible.

How much you weight you gained during pregnancy should largely affect the time it will take you to return to your original weight. 23 to 35 pounds is just about the average weight a mother gains during pregnancy and loses 12 to 21 pounds after child birth. After birth weight loss should cover about 6 to 8 months.

If you have gained more than the average, try to add an extra month of proper diet and exercise for every 6 pounds in excess of 35 pounds. This is just mainly a guide for you to follow, it will still depend on how well your metabolism is working.

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