Fitness Camp

.tags If you were a lucky kid and had a happy childhood, you may have attended summer camp and now have many fond memories of those moments during the summers of your youth. For adults there is a new kind of camp called a Fitness Camp and these are the places to go to in order to regain part of what has potentially been lost as you got older, i.e. good physical fitness. Good physical fitness is important especially if you are overweight. Being overweight puts more stress on the body and obesity causes all kinds of problems because it contributes to the causes of many other diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and high or low blood pressure. It is very possible that a person may die much younger than they should have simply due to the fact that they are seriously overweight and do not maintain good physical fitness.

If you are the kind of a person that wakes up at sunrise, does 100 pushups and military style jumping jacks, does a round of Pilates and yoga before breakfast, and heads off to the gym after lunch, you may not need to attend a Fitness Camp (or you may want to become a personal trainer at one). But if you are like most adults, especially those that have suffered under the various life stresses of modern day living you may find that the last time you exercised on a regular basis was when you were in high school. Even though gym attendance is substantial, the majority of people over the age of 30 do not get enough exercise. As you get nearer to middle age, this trend is even worse and many people gain an extra 50 to over 100 lbs. of unwanted weight. Few of those people can pick up a 100 lb. bag of cement and carry it up three flights of stairs, yet they are carrying the same kind of burden around with them everyday every where they go.

After trying and failing at many diet attempts a lot of people give up. But there is no reason to give up if there is still a strong possibility of regaining your own health and perhaps saving your own life. That is why a Fitness Camp provides the alternative for those individuals that have a need for an intensive program and can benefit from a guided method of dieting and physical exercise in a modern and beautiful setting.

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