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By TerryGeorge. on 2014-07-11 13:30:45
tags Commercial health equipment has a lot of uses for many different organizations and buildings. Of course for commercial gyms, the equipment is absolutely dominant and is crucial to their business representation. At the same time though, for schools as well, fitness centers, and even hotels fitness equipment is important and can help get better a service. Making sure you have the best commercial fitness equipment will mean that you stand out among the crowd and offer a better service, while at the same time keeping the equipment new and replacing things from time to time can avoid malfunction and potential lawsuits.

When you buy fitness equipment it is important to target all of the muscle groups. Without doing these two things your equipment wont cater for everyone and for many people the gym will be missing and wont be able to provide them with their set workout routine.

Fortunately it only takes little different pieces of equipment to target the whole body. Here well look at how you can provide a full body workout with CV and resistance using relatively few pieces of fitness equipment. Heres what you need:

Bench Press:
The bench press is the bench you put down on to use a barbell. By pressing this top of your chest you work your pectoral muscles, but as the move is compound it also affects all the rest of the body too training the core, the shoulders, the triceps and the backs. It is the most important piece of equipment for most people, but if you dont want to buy a separate bar and lots of weights you can use a chest press instead which is a seated version of the bench press that uses a rope pully system. The other great bonus of buying a proper bench press however, is that when you buy all the parts necessary this means youll automatically also have a barbell which can be used for squatting, locks, dead lifting and more.

A treadmill is the typical piece of CV equipment. This permits people to run and burn off calories. The greatest gyms will have some of these looking at a television or two.

Dumbbells permit a huge variety of exercises flies, shrugs, kickbacks and perhaps most importantly tresses. This way the clients can modify their workouts and have lots of flexibility. Ensure that you offer lots of weights so that they can alter the resistance for different movements.

Squat rack:
So a squat rack wont be totally important for every type of gym. In fact it wont be essential for any that arent the hardcore bodybuilders gyms that take place in underground. However for gyms those are actually about constructing muscle rather than getting spoiled and massaged, the squat rack provides the most influential full body workout going.

A carpet in the corner is the ending piece of commercial fitness equipment that is fixed. This will offer your clients everywhere to do bodyweight exercise such as sit ups and press ups, to warm up, or to do more CV such as jumping jacks.

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