Fitness Marketing 101 (how to get more training clients)

Fitness Marketing 101 (how to get more training clients)

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Your personal training and fitness boot camp business needs more leads, prospects and clients, right? The secret to getting more clients this week is not through print ads, business cards or passing out flyers. Your best clients are lined up and waiting for you on Facebook, Google, and online review sites and this is the fitness marketing funnel you’ll want to use to get new clients into your business on a consistent basis.

The great thing about the new way that fitness marketing works is that you practically automate by create a lead and client getting funnel like the one here:

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I talk a lot about your Marketing Funnel in this video and thought I would go into a bit more detail here. Marketing experts like the image of the funnel because of the way its spout narrows as this is a great representation of the way in which prospects trickle down into clients.

In every stage of the funnel progression (as you see me discuss in the video) you are going to lose a bit of your prospects. Obviously, not everyone that sees your marketing will respond and of those that do not all of them will move to short-term and then long-term clients. So be prepared for this type of loss and be aware that it is completely normal.

Now, as you may have guessed, our main purpose with our marketing initiative is to have as little loss as possible. We want to convert as many prospects into clients as we can. So you need to pay special attention to each stage of your marketing funnel. Make sure you take care of each level of progression. You don’t want to only be great at getting short-term clients and drop the ball on converting long-term clients— that will kill your marketing efforts.

I also want to cover a few additional details when it comes to each of my main points.

A Facebook fan page needs to be updated EVERY DAY. I know I told you to put at least three pictures up per week. But you also need to personalize your fan page and update it with quotes, anecdotes, and stories each day throughout the week. These will be less formal than your transformation photos and your paid advertisements but what it will do is create a look of activity and make you appear as if you are regularly working, updating, and succeeding. The more traffic you drive to your Fan page with paid advertisements and other strategies, the more you want to make sure you stay active. There is no bigger deterrent for a brand new prospect than landing on your page for the first time and seeing that your last post was weeks ago.

As far as crafting your squeeze page, creating your low barrier offer product, and writing the email copy for your auto-responders, there are all kinds of awesomely detailed guides about this stuff on my blogs and Head over there and look through the archives to find literally hundreds of guides and bits of advice for running your fitness business, marketing your fitness business, and everything else remotely related to fitness professionals.

Near the end of the video I mention that you should use a Nutritional Consolation to sell you clients on large, long-term packages. I quickly talked about this and didn’t give it much time because it isn’t what this video is about. However, I realize that this is the most intimidating and most task for so many fitness professionals.

So for those who are afraid of this incredibly crucial aspect of being a fitness professional, I want to direct you to my blogs again. I have some awesome advice for selling personal training in-person, in emails, at premium prices, and I also have some awesome products that will teach you everything you need to know to market, sell, and transform your business into a multiple six-figure powerhouse.

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