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By Petr Sejba on 2017-05-08 21:38:22
tags The various ad networks are using flash advertisement for publishing all over the web. The ad networks are getting big share of their total revenue from these flash advertisements, but it has been observed that these flash ads are breaking websites interface across the entire web. A new internet campaign has suggested to stop publishing flash ads on websites across the entire web. The ad networks are being convinced to make changes to their Flash embeds codes. How the flash ads break the web Interface? Why we need to stop publishing these ads. What will be the changes in flash embeds codes to overcome this problem?

The flash advertisements are creating problem to the interface of websites. The end user is getting covered up and broken interface because of flash ads. We needed to stop publishing these ads to provide better interface to the end users. Most of the sites are facing this problem of covered and broken interface due to flash ads. The site owner is unable to fix this problem of interface of websites. The ad networks had been convinced to make changes to their flash embeds codes. The ad networks are suggested to simply set wmode to transparent or opaque on flash embeds to overcome this problem. The wmode is a parameter which is used to specify how a flash object is rendered on a webpage. FlashHeed can be used if the Flash Ad is not in an iframe.

web application developmentis being done all over the world by various web developers. The various technologies asp.net, php, Ajax, web2.0 are used to develop web applications. Web developers around the world are facing the same problem of breaking the web interface due to flash advertisement. The internet campaign who demanded to stop flash advertisement has a form where people can submit screenshots of offending Flash ads.

There is one major issue in changing the wmode parameter in Flash embeds from “window” to “transparent” or “opaque”. It will slow down the speed of CPU. So it is recommended either to use HTML5 or adobe to fix flash to resolve this issue.

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