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With the demand for that healthier lifestyle goes the increased interest in what we are actually eating and drinking, those “nutritional facts” on the labels of food and drink products being scrutinised as never before. However as you can imagine, without actually forcing something into the flavoured water that we drink, there is not a lot of anything much to report on. However the food labelling regulations make you place the details of what is in the drink on the labels and people expect to see it, even if they don’t fully understand what it all means.

Typical Nutritional Information (per 100ml)

Typically, flavoured water will have something like this in the “Nutritional Information (per 100ml)” section.

This just goes to prove whole little there is there to report on. However this is not a bad thing and has led to the Government including Flavoured Water in its suggestions for children’s school lunch boxes, this in an attempt to draw them away from the fizzy sugary drinks that have caused problems in the past.

Flavoured Waters

Flavoured waters, or “near” waters as they’re sometimes called, are commonly based on spring water, intense sweeteners, citric acid, and preservatives. Not the most palatable combination of ingredients, I’m sure you’ll agree. Until you add the magic ingredient: the flavour. Flavours for near waters not only need to taste good but they need to be 90%+ derived from the named fruit (FTNF) to permit a declaration of (for example) “Natural Strawberry Flavour” and the depiction of the named fruit on the label. HoF’s carefully chosen suppliers offer us an exceptional raw materials palette from which we can select the natural aroma chemicals and natural extracts that enable us to create some truly outstanding near water flavours. These flavours can be tailored to specific sweetener systems, be it Aspartame/ Acesulfame K, Sucralose, or any other combination of natural and/or intense sweeteners.

Flavoured Water – A healthier choice

With the demand for a healthier lifestyle goes the increased interest in what we are actually eating and drinking. Consumers are increasingly making their food and beverage choices based on nutritional content and the nutritional information on the labels of food and drink products are being scrutinised as never before. Consumers are also more aware of the importance of water consumption as part of a healthy life-style. Keeping your body well hydrated boosts energy levels, helps flush toxins from your system, and helps keep your skin looking more youthful. Water, as opposed to traditional carbonated drinks, juices, coffee etc is calorie free and has no negative attributes, but let’s be totally honest, it can be a little boring. Flavoured waters offer all the benefits of pure water but with the added plus of tasting good, and with so many interesting and exciting flavour profiles available there’s something to please even the most jaded of palettes. Good taste, very low in calories and good for you, flavoured waters are an obvious choice for the health conscious consumer.

School Lunch Boxes Favour Flavoured Waters

The Food Standards Agency website is just one example of those sites providing advice on healthy eating, its “Month of Lunch Boxes” including many references to Flavoured Water . With all the potential market growing as fast as it is it is not surprising that many companies are always trying to create that new market beating flavoured water, and that is just where we at the House of Flavours can help.

Research and Development in Flavourings

Our Research and Development section can create the flavouring you require and our production teams can then produce it in the quantities you need at the price that will enable you to take your product to the market. So if you want to join the rush in the Flavoured water market, talk to us, we know we can help.

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