Flush Gallstones Home Remedy


Flush Gallstones Home Remedy

Are you crippling with severe body pain centered at upper part of your abdomen? Probably, your shoulders also pain and you have vomiting sensation. Your doctor will diagnose for gallstones. However, do not rush for a gall bladder removal surgery. Removal of gall bladder may lead to severe consequences in future. Gall stones can be removed safely by Home Remedies. Remember, you can get rid of your gallstones just within 24 hours!

Home Remedies can cure any type of gallstones in men and women – gallstones in bile duct or gall bladder, pregnancy gallstones, cholesterol, calcium or pigment gallstones etc.

Liver secretes bile for digesting fats and is stored in gall bladder and pumped out when required. Bile contains cholesterol, water, salts, fats, bilirubin etc. Excess cholesterol, salts or bilirubin solidify forming stones. The stones prevent flow of bile.

The trapped bile causes inflammation of bile duct. Severe pain occurs on upper part of abdomen and between shoulder blades. Other symptoms are indigestion, nausea, vomiting, skin and white part of eye turning yellow, clay-colored stools and dark colored urine.

Females are more prone to gallstones. Other reasons are obesity, excess cholesterol, excess estrogen, old age and fasting.

A healthy diet with nuts, vegetables, calcium phosphate, less carbohydrate and no junk food prevents gallstones. Drink plenty of water. Also, perform regular exercises.

Home Remedies can remove gall stones. While conventional Home Remedies cure gallstones within 2 – 3 months, Improvised Home Remedies get rid of it just within 24 hours.

Regular intake of apple and citrus fruits can cure gallstones.

The herb “Quebra Pedra” is an effective remedy. Take two tea spoons/day of it in 500 ml water and drink for two months.

If you want to remove your gallstones within 24 hours, learn more about home remedies which could dissolve gallstones quickly & pass it through stool.

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