Fly Barcelona with Cheap Flights


You can expect the cost of flights to Barcelona to fluctuate depending on the season and the airline you book with. If you fly out of season, you can expect to pay a lot less than if you travel in the summer months.

The peak time to visit Barcelona is between May and August, when the weather is at its warmest. The locals often flock to the beach during August, so the city tends be much quieter than you’d think at this time.

In the days before the low cost airlines air travel was prohibitively expensive for many people. However, the advent of airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair – and the others that have followed in their wake – mean that today it is possible to travel to Barcelona for prices that previously would have appeared to be absurdly cheap. It is possible to find a budget flight if you know where to look. Part of Barcelona’s success as a tourist destination is the number of low-cost flights to the city.

The problem with some airlines is that they aren’t quite truthful about where they actually fly. The biggest offender in this respect is Ryanair, which claims to fly to Barcelona, but both the airports it actually goes to are each 100km from the city as opposed to Barcelona Airport itself, which is minutes away.

The low budget airlines often offer the cheapest flights, flying from all the major UK airports, but stay wary of hidden costs that could bump the price up substantially. It is also worth checking with the larger airlines before you book, as their flight prices can also be competitive, although this can change according to when you travel.

Barcelona has many highlights, but if you leave the city back you can travel either north or south and you will find an amazing diversity of places. In this case, and as I know that someone will tell me about this, I admit I will fall under the title of sun & beach holidays. But let’s be sincere with myself, this is the main reason why tourists come to Spain

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