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tags You can say that the food in Japan is one of the healthiest and natural foods in the world. As it use almost no spices, it makes Japanese food to has pure and natural flavour. Japan has a few delicacies that is wide known to the world; Kobe beef, sashimi, seaweed etc.
Like many of other Asian countries, most in Japanese cuisine, all the meals is served with rice gohan. In Japan, a meal is served based on 3 things; the presentation, the kind of serving plate and the food taste. It is very unique but all those 3 is very important for Japanese food industry
For a more traditional Japanese dining, do not be surprised all the guest will be asked to remove their shoes and sit in floor tatami mat.
Go for holiday in Japan to explore Japanese culinary cuisine. Yes, Japan might one of the most expensive country in the world, however as tourism in Japan is booming, many cheap hotel is introduce to the public. When you find it expensive to make a phone call back home during travelling, use phone card or calling it or if you choose to email, be sure to choose the website that has reliable web hosting company.
When travelling in Japan, you might learn that before starting their meal, it is a custom that Japanese will say Itadakimasu (I am greatful to receive the meal) and gochisosama deshita (Thank you for the meal) after they have finish their meal. And after you have finish your meal in Japan, it is more polite to move all your dish back to the same position as when you started the meal; put the lids back to the dish & the chopstick back to the chopstick holder.
What food to eat in Japan? Well below are some of the food suggested to eat while you are travelling in Japan:
This sushi is one of the foods that you must have while in Japan. You might be surprised that sushi restaurant in Japan might not served the same sushi that you have back in your country.
For more unique experience sushi eating, go to sushi restaurant which has conveyor belt. In this way, you can have your sushi fast and have your own choice! Go for the sushi place which has crowd of people, it mostly has good taste and also cheap in price! If you want to just have a more express sushi, try the supermarket or convenient store, you will be surprised that they might have the nicest sushi that you have ever tasted.
2.Ramen Noodle shop
Ramen is quite popular food to eat in Japan. For more unique ramen experience, go to the Ramen shop in busy train stations which has no chair and have a quick standing eating.Fast and still taste good!
3.Supermarket and Department store
Explore Supermarket in Japan, and you will find delicious yet cheaper meal than restaurant price. If you do go to Supermarket, try to buy the sushi,onigiri rice ball, the bento lunch box and the Japanese instant noodle.

For more authentic Japanese food in a cheap price, go to Department store in Japan. Most of the Department store has the food season, and the food is display so unique and beautiful that you might be wanting to buy all of them!


Takoyaki Octopus balls is one of the Japanese favourite snack. It is normally served with beautiful sauce, fish flackes and shredded seaweed on top. You can get takoyaki in most of the city in Japan, however if you do go to Osaka, you have to try the most famous Takoyaki in Japan!

5.Japanese Pancake Okonomiyaki

Not like western pancake, Okonomiyaki is made from flour, eggs, cabbage and meat or fish on Japanese style Worchester sauce. Sometimes, mayonnaise, fish flakes, shredded seaweed is also added. In some restaurant, you can also choose what things to put into your okonomiyaki and watch the chef cook in front of you

6.Natto Fermented soybeans

This is a traditional Japanese food with high protein and very healthy which is usually served with rice for breakfast. It has strong smell and when you pick it with your chopstick, it will stick all the way to your on your chopstick. It is a memorable experience in Japan to eat Natto

7.Sukiyaki / Shabu-Shabu/ Chanko

One big pot soup and served at the table and you can experience cooking by yourself. Choose the raw ingredient, cook in the soup and enjoy it while still hot. You can also order rice or noodle to eat with the soup. The raw ingredient range from meat, chicken, seafood, tofu, mushrooms, fishcakes etc. It is best to be eaten with crowd of friends

Other than the food above, There are also a lot other cuisine in Japan for you to try out while in Japan, for example The famous kobe beef! However If you are in Japan for a longer period of time or travel on budget, you might also try Japanese franchise chain store yoshinoya and McDonald in Japan which served food that has Japanese authentic taste . If you feel like having desert or something sweet, there are a lot of bakery and desert house in Japan that has a very beautiful display and delicious varieties of bread and many varieties of desert for you to choose.

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