Food in Tahiti

By Xaver Y.R. Chen (yrchen) on 2015-01-27 23:12:56

The Polynesian country of Tahiti is famous for its food. While in Tahiti, the best way to experience its culture is through its food. Because Tahiti was isolated from outside influences until only two to three hundred years ago, its cuisine is some of the most unique in the world, with distinctly Polynesian characteristics,While in Tahiti, one of the best ways to experience French Polynesian culture is through the food here. Delicious and tasty, the food in Tahiti gives fine dining a whole new meaning. Fish and seafood reign supreme in the kitchens out here, however, do not be deceived. Tahiti offers plenty of natural produce for the vegetarian and even meat-lovers can find some of the most succulent steaks prepared to perfection.

Thankfully most travellers to Tahiti have a little more romance in their soul. I am at one with Maurice Baring who wrote: ‘Tahiti is the whole thing; the real thing; the thing that one has dreamt about all one’s life; the thing that made Stevenson leave Europe for ever.You must taste local delicacies such as ‘poisson cru’ (a raw fish preparation in the gravy of rich coconut milk), ‘papaya chicken’ (a delicious combo of coconut milk, papaya and chicken) and ‘Banana Poe’ (a mouth-watering dessert). Tahitian cuisine uses a lot of lemon juices, coconut milk and of course vanilla for which the island is famous.

There are many rain forest trails to hike to fantastic waterfalls and lakes. These trails are quite muddy and slippery so wear the proper footwear.Everywhere you will encounter a mixed crowd of Tahitians and foreign tourists coming from all over the world. Some of the popular bars are Le Mana Rock Café, L’Ibiza, Le 106 and Le Paradise. The Piano Bar is popular with homosexual tourists.The Municipal market offers local farm products, handicrafts, souvenirs and a variety of fish and food products. This grotto features a lake of black water that creates an optical illusion – the cave appears much smaller than it actually is.Faraoa coco or coconut bread is a mouth-watering dessert worth tasting as is firifiri or donuts, which are shaped like the number eight. A yummy treat, firifiri is best had when dipped with coffee. Poe is perhaps the most famous dessert on the island and is a baked papaya dish wrapped in banana leaves.

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