Food Savings – Rules


No. One. Never shop for food hungry. If you do this, you will need a credit for food shopping.

No. Two. Make a strategy. Long term planning is crucial. How you see your diet and what you can afford. Short term plans make your food more expensive.

No. Three. Make a list of desired products. Write down products you really need, then a list of products you do not need, but want. Pick a couple and add them to the first list. You would have bought them anyway, but this way you will not do it without control. It will save you some more money.

No. Four. Experiment. Experiment only with the goods you have, not with ones you have to buy or else the experiment will become expensive.

No. Five. Forget about luxurious meals. They can cost a small fortune. Leave the luxury for weekends. Besides, this rule makes you appreciate those kinds of meals more and makes each weekend an event for you and your family.

No. Six. Quality and cost ratio. Buy food that meets your quality expectations. This does not mean it has to be expensive. Study and monitor which manufacturers make good, but still not too costly food.

No. Seven. Buy at the stores with a great selection of products. The bigger the selection, the better the planning of your purchase.

No. Eight. Use the Internet! Study offers and prices using the Internet. It is a much simpler and cheaper way than visiting stores, and offers are identical to the ones inside the shops. Besides, if grocers offer a good, fast and cheep delivery, you can buy your favorite products directly from the Internet and it will cost you less than if you went to the store yourself.

No. Nine. Seasonal food. Great majority of fruit and vegetable have the season or part of the year when their supply is greater than in other seasons. When supplies are greater, the cost is lower and that is when you should buy.

No. Ten. Learn how to cook! Eating out is more expensive than raw food that has to be prepared. Once you learn to cook well and diversely, the costs will get even lower. And along with the savings, the quality of your diet will also rise.

No. Eleven. Do not throw food away. This does not mean you have to stuff yourself. Prepare as much food as you can actually eat.

No. Twelve. Healthy food! If your current diet is the source of your health problems that will eventually put you into a hospital, you will understand that health is the greatest value, and sickness the greatest cost you can imagine. There is no need to mention the difference in life quality between healthy and sick people…

And in the end, adjust your way of thinking to this rules and your table will always be full, and the savings successful!

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