Foods That Lower Cholesterol

{flickr|100|campaign} To be able to participate in certain things, we all need to have access to energy by the consumption of food. For some, satisfaction comes from being able to consume three to four rounds at the buffet table while others can be done after just one. The plates in both cases could contain either healthy or harmful food, depending on the choices those particular people make.

Lovers of fatty, oily foods and also red meat are more at risk of being ill at some stage in life. With the amount of bad cholesterol being consumed with these foods, it is quite possible for it to turn into something life threatening.

Most people have a much higher body level of cholesterol than in the past. The reason behind this is that the amount of food products to choose from has risen in grocery stores, restaurants and most everywhere. But we can still lower the risk by eating foods that are lower in saturated fats.

Is there a single food group to eat to best lower cholesterol?

Sadly, no, as a well balanced diet must consist of all food groups. An easy healthy tip is to exchange your full cream milk with non fat milk. You can find a brand that tastes almost the same these days and the best thing is that it is much healthier for you.

One other tip would be to replace your steaks with a healthier leaner version of meat. The leaner version just means that it doesn’t contain as much fat in the center or on the edges but tastes just as good.

When it comes to lunch and dinner though, the healthiest option would have to come from the ocean. Fish and shellfish are known to have omega 3 and can be helpful when attempting to lower cholesterol levels.

Eating a piece of cake, or a candy bar, may not seem all that bad but we much know that these foods are filled with fat. Try nuts and fruit as a healthy alternative. These foods are healthier to consume and are packed full of minerals, vitamins and fiber.

Chicken is good for you but not if it is fried. Those who like to eat chicken fried can eat it with the skin removed for a healthier version.

With the above tips in mind, remember that you can always make small adjustments to your lifestyle to be able to live a much healthier life overall.

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