Reports Three Floors Decorated The Latest Fashion Trends

.tags Trends 1: back to nature, respect for self –
Chinese consumers, lifestyle changes have taken place in a more colorful and diversified development, consumers seeking more diverse taste, comfort and individuality at the same time pay more attention to health, environmental protection and natural sexual needs of the origin.
Experts believe that: the pursuit of high quality of life sought by the social elite group of life direction, life, not simply material luxury, but your comfort, taking into account health, fashion, and elegance of life experience, the pursuit of art and beauty, history and culture integration, more importantly, pay attention to floor decoration and nature, combination, so as to release pressure from family, liberation of the soul pure land, creating a unique home life, to bring comfort to consumers, personality, elegant feel at home.
Trends II: quality of life, flooring and cultural
With the consumer to the floor decoration design reflects a rational way of life to explore, floor style, taste and culture will enter the mainstream of consumer life cycles, have a high degree of understanding of the lifestyle, home culture is summed up as a variety of representative style, which the floor become the most classic style of the decoration style?
Experts believe that: emphasize comfort, more health, environmental protection, natural and cultural connotation of the American floor decoration style, a longer period of time in the future will become the mainstream.
Three trends: natural environment, human origin
In the material wealth and peace, to health, environmental protection and human-based floor decoration is still the mainstream. In the city’s noise, noise pollution, more and more rampant today, the return to health and the natural is not only the voices of those who have knowledge and a popular fashion, is also a large number of urban people’s mentality and dreams. This emphasis on quality of life of the age, health is becoming a topic of growing importance. Home environment can not be ignored, the green should go home is the primary approach will naturally infiltrate into the floor decoration, the only catch up with the fashion trend.
Experts believe that: The American style of floor decoration, represented by the “taste, comfort and personality,” the floor decoration culture, get rid of complicated decorative form, “quality of living art” does not require too much overhead and energy, as long as the home, people can be curling up on the sofa, cut off from the outside of the complex, noisy, return true and self-concept of the most sought after home.

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