Free Network Marketing Software – Email


This might come as common sense as everyone has an email. I’m not really concerned so much about what your email name is as so much who you are using. Well, your email name is important, but I’ll cover that in another discussion. So what free netowork marketing software do you need?

What is important is that you are very comfortable with your email service. General options can be split into:

1) Free web email sites like gmail, yahoo, aol, msn/hotmail

2) ISP email. This is the one you get for free with your internet service provider.

3) Hosted. This basically happens when you pay for the domain or hosting site.

There are little tricks to auto forward and such, but I want to concentrate on your primary method of handling email.

Why is this even an issue?

As time goes on and more traffic and leads start to build up a structured and easy to use email program is an absolute must. There are a couple key factors that you must be able to do with your free netowork marketing software.

1) How easily is it to filter messages? This is necessary as you will need to separate different messages from your leads, spam, listbuilders, checks, training…. Having a folder or labels system is critical to managing hundreds of emails coming into your inbox. I find too that way too many network marketers will just send everything into their inbox. This is a big no-no considering some email is time sensative and could be lost in the shuffle.

2) How good is the spam filter? Outlook which is used by many PC users can install a bayesian filter to help make the spam filtering smarter. By keeping an email on a free site like gmail or yahoo, you can depend on their filter software to clear the way for you. These type of email services are constantly evolving and spam filters will get better faster than if you were to use Outlook by yourself.

3) How easy is it to access your emails remotely? This covers being able to access your emails from remote locations away from your primary computer and even on your phone. This is only really an issue when you start to travel and meet potential clients but being on top of your information is very important. Nothing gets a new customer of distributor excited to know that their sponsor or sales person gives them a call to them them thank you right after a purchase. This personal touch goes a long way.

Learning HOW to correctly advertise and manage your network marketing business using free netowork marketing software is crucial to success. If you can’t even manage your email what makes you think you can manage 1000 distributors on your team? Get good training on many areas of your marketing system to explode your business online.

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