Freedom By Jonathan Franzen

.tags Jonathan Franzen baffles the fans, simply because (despite being a celebrated author) he is not used to handling attention, and he doesnt care much about it anyway. He has just delivered another bestseller in the form of Freedom, and he makes it clear he never expected such adulation from his audience. When he is in the midst of a crowd of raving fans, he is excited but would like to feel as if it is happening to someone else. He understands the modern men and women much better than others, and the world is taking note.

Interesting Like His Books

It is interesting to study the personality of Jonathan Franzen since he is captivating mix of ambivalence and ambition both running together. While he does want to write novels which are substantive and have mass appeal, he doesnt want the fame associated burdens (inevitable, he doesnt realize). When his previous book, The Corrections, was selected into the Oprah book club, he voiced mixed feelings about it which finally resulted in Oprah cancelling her invitation to him.

He Does It And Doesnt Care

For his latest title, Freedom, he did release a promotional video, but stated he didnt care much about them. He is very controversial, for unusual reasons, he almost always gets good reviews from the major newspapers, and there are many eye brows raised. While starting to write about Jonathan Franzen, we made sure we wrote about the Jonathan Franzen legend first, since the picture would be incomplete otherwise.

Can You Stop Yourself Now?

Often, he is referred to as the man who carries forward the legacy of Tolstoy and Dickens, since his book is a bright book of light for the Americans. Once you start reading the title Freedom, the criticisms begin to fall apart, the only thing that remains is whether you can resist yourself getting deeper into the lives of Walter and Patty or not. The book itself consists of many sections, one deals with the public image of Berglunds, and Patty is described as a person who doesnt use a word worse than weird, come what may.

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