From Disney Coloring pages to Prince William


From Disney Coloring pages to Prince William.

Hello, my name John Allsopp; I absolutely love Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida so much so I created a website all about it. I paint portraits too, these have included members of the British Royal family, I recently completed a portrait of Prince William, and it all started with a Disney coloring book.

Disney coloring pages.

My artistic interest started early in life, I would save my pocket money and go to the local news agency and buy Disney coloring books and experiment using different colors to fill in the blank spaces in the books. Experimenting like this helps develop an awareness of which colors work with each other and which do not. Maybe you remember using a color wheel at school during art lessons, to train the eye to match color properly.Colouring books also train you to be patient and accurate, skills which you use as you move from childhood to adulthood.

Free Disney clipart.

One excellent way to draw is to cheat a little, by projecting an image with a projector onto a piece of paper or linen art canvas. You can then trace the image with a pencil or crayon, this technique used by artists is not new, it gives you the training you need to look at subjects and compose them properly before you start your artwork. Free Disney clipart is available on the internet, download it and buy a cheap projector, you then simply lay the clipart on the top of the projector and shine the image onto your paper or canvas and draw around it. Play around with different colors with your child, its great fun and educational.

Prince William.

Inspiration to paint different subjects is all around you, you just need to look for it. My Royal Family series of paintings are based on a simple family relationship. I painted the late Queen Mother first, then her daughter Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. My aim was to continue with this mother and daughter relationship and paint Princess Anne, but then I thought I would do a portrait of a male Royal Family member, so I chose Prince William. Prince William gave me the idea to complete my Royal series, and to do that I painted Princess Diana, not realizing at the time that I had produced a relationship series. Princess Diana is Prince William’s mother, Queen Elizabeth is his grandmother and of course the late Queen mother was his great grandmother

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