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.tags Known as the “sixth generation of gold drinks” and fruit vinegar beverages after 10 years the development of the pieces are still marginalized class of survival, has not improvement, is rooted in collective marketing model error.

HC food industry network Fruit vinegar beverages in 1997, “Stunning,” published at the beginning, is said to be following the carbonated drinks, water, beverages, Tea Fruit juice and functional drinks after the “Sixth Generation Gold drinks,” but after 10 years of development still are marginalized existence sketch class. 2009, although there Weijia Si (Huasheng Tang), World No. One, Lotte Winbond, Haitian, original, cool, and other enterprises have increased punctuality of “Nuggets” efforts, the media also gave a warm vinegar industry focus However, tossing to tossing fruit vinegar beverage industry is difficult to pick up, is rooted in collective Marketing Model error.

People tend to think that “the greater the fishing net more,” many companies have a strong sense of innovation category, just wanted to introduce more products to grow. In this concept of dominance, the fruit vinegar beverages in this new, immature category actually shows the characteristics of mature industries, continue to divide category, do not the mainstream of apple cider vinegar, wine vinegar on cropping up, pear vinegar, dates vinegar, vinegar hawthorn, mulberry vinegar, vinegar wolfberry, sea buckthorn vinegar, strawberry vinegar, pomegranate vinegar … … and the price level is more complex, from a few dollars, ten dollars to tens of dollars to have, Package Specifications are too many, too fat, different heights, some companies actually own up to nearly a hundred items. Fruit vinegar beverage products that result in complex patterns, disturb each other, making the types of goods are too rich in today’s market, the consumer is difficult to form an overall impression of this category, particularly in the minds of consumers do not form a benchmark in the case of the to face many choices, the result is often more confused. If a large supermarket in Guangzhou, green apple vinegar 200ml Kit Glass bottle Price of 4.5 yuan, 500ml carton 14.8 yuan, 750ml frosted glass bottle 29.8 yuan; Huasheng Tang 3.7 yuan 320ml cans, 500ml carton 3.8 yuan, the selection? Uh … … or forget it. It is not difficult to understand, why take the fruit vinegar beverage business are all super-channel arrive in high spirits, leave in disappointment, has been difficult to open the mass market.

Production of fruit vinegar beverage enterprises nationwide nearly one thousand, but they did not bring anything new to the market, “Gene.” Is considered as the new industry leader Huasheng Tang launched a shot on apple cider vinegar, blueberry vinegar, jujube vinegar, Concubine vinegar (add natural honey), Han Fang Jing Yuan (middle-aged vinegar) and other products, packaging is the roof package , cans, PET, glass bottles, one less, but has no impact on the market, resulting in vain enterprise distracted. World Number One until the end of 2007 into the vinegar beverage industry, has come from behind, but rather its product items is minimal and only apple cider vinegar, and only 650ml of glass bottled one, launched in 2009 only 330ml of pop me? ? But on these two products in supermarkets in the retail price of a 15 to 16.5 yuan, one is 4.5 to 5 yuan. Why, in the end what is the value of apple cider vinegar?

Break through barriers to category name Emphasize the traditional marketing model
4P, the market is the battle of cognitive grasp the essence of this simple little, and therefore ignored the products into the minds of consumers the ultimate weapon is words. Of a new class, the vocabulary of the most important is the category name. From the consumer’s mental point of view, “vinegar,” they first triggered the brain to “vinegar” inherent knowledge. The vinegar Condiment , The strong stimulation of its sour impression is not good, even though we all know jealousy healthy, but few people think of it as Health food . “Jealous” is also being seen in the usually derogatory, to drink vinegar mess people make first contact with a little novelty, but far less than change people’s negative associations vinegar, fruit vinegar beverages has not alienate people difficult to understand.

Vinegar category name on the problems of lack marketing industry questioned the sound was also put forward the “fruit vinegar” or “vinegar cool” as the category name. Some manufacturers have introduced such products do, such as the purple morning vinegar cool, cool Lotte Winbond vinegar, but the market is unmoved. Huiyuan The end of 2007 a big way into the industry to launch the Huiyuan “juice vinegar” and asked Zhu Shimao, Chen Peisi endorsement, but its “juice vinegar,” the category name mistaken for integration products is fruit juice and vinegar, can not be bound as. Recently Huasheng Tang to their products as “vinegar flavor fruit drinks,” and apparently is known, however I do not know what it is exactly.

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