Garlic and Your Health

.tags There are so many health benefits to garlic although many of us don’t even realize it when we use it in our every day cooking. If you aren’t already using it in all of your cooking, here are some of the benefits you might want to consider.

Heart Disease – Garlic is extremely beneficial in lowering cholesterol by raising our good cholesterol (HDL). This lowers the chances of bad cholesterol (LDL), which can cause plaque to build up in our arteries.

Infections – For thousands of years garlic has been known to help protect us against infections due to its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Although it should not be considered a replacement for medical attention Garlic helps to develop T-cells to fight infection. Additionally, you may find relief from recurrent yeast infections or the overgrowth of candida ablicanis within the body.

Hypertension – Garlic contains a chemical called ajoene and allicin, which acts as blood thinners to help control blood pressure. There have been few studies yet to prove the prevention of the illness but it can be a good alternative choice to medication under medical supervision.

It is generally recommended not to use too much garlic if you suffer from serious stomach afflictions, not to mention the smell can be quite strong.

Pregnancy – The main benefit that scientists have discovered for pregnancies is that it may help in cases of low birth weight. Garlic supplements may help the baby to gain weight pre birth. In addition to birth weight it can help hypertension in the mother, which can be quite common, as mentioned above.

In order for us to get the benefits from garlic it is recommended that you digest 2 to 3 cloves of garlic each day. Raw and fresh is the best option but not always a practical one. There is some discrepancy over the form of the fresh garlic, some will say raw and others will say to use the juice of the garlic. It’s best to determine with your GP or naturopath the most appropriate way to ingest garlic based on your reasons for using it as a herbal remedy. There are also garlic supplements that are available. These are a good alternative because they’re odor free.

Now that you are aware of some of these benefits you might find yourself adding a clove or two to your favourite recipe.

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