General Information On Skin Tags

.tags Today, we know a lot of things about skin tags, including the triggers for these growths, meaning obesity, diabetes and pregnancy, just to offer a few examples. At the same time, we are aware that even just one skin tag can be irritating, particularly if it is located in the neck area, the friction of the skin with the clothes only causing even more skin tags to appear. Before getting alarmed, you should know that skin tags will not transform into cancer.
A skin tag is formed by skin, blood vessels and collagen, being often presented as having a benign nature. The one thing that you have to be extra careful with is related to the chosen removal method. Often times, doctors recommend surgery for the removal of skin tags, as they can approach each skin tag in an organized manner, reducing the risks for excessive bleeding or other complications. Before you decide however on the method of removal, you should try to protect them as much as possible, as scratching or even trying to remove them can lead to dangerous infections in the body. Also, there are certain areas where these skin tags appear, such as the skin surrounding the eye, where the risk for infection and other serious complications (blindness) is even higher.
And if you are curious about different removal techniques for skin tags, be sure to keep on reading. Surgical procedures for a skin tag consist of cutting the base, Be careful in case of excessive bleeding and always keeping the area clean. You can also pay a visit to your dermatologist and try the electric current version, a procedure which is also known as electrolysis. Speaking about dermatologists, you should know that there is also cryotherapy, a method which is based on the using liquid nitrogen, freezing the skin tag and eliminating it completely.
So far, we have mentioned surgery, electrolysis and cryotherapy. Lets see what other choices you have when it comes to getting rid of skin tags. Well, you could try tying a string around it and leaving it for a few days, until the blood supply to the skin tag is completely cut off. In this way, you will be able to detach it yourself, without any further complications. The list of other choices include using tea tree oil (apply it several times during the day and wait for the skin tag to be practically disintegrated), castor oil (basically the same), bloodroot, duct tape, vitamin E and so on.
Skin tags are unpleasant from an aesthetical point of view and, when you have so many choices available, it would be a shame not to choose something and go ahead with it. You will definitely feel much better and finally be able to forget all about skin tags. Whether you decide to go with the home remedies or you feel more comfortable visiting a doctor, be convinced that you will be happier without them.

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