Germany – A Cultural Paradise


If new flavors are something you’re always hankering after on holiday, try out Germany for the taste sensations that’ll put this year’s trip away firmly in your memory. Whether you’re into delicious cheeses, meaty sausages or some of Germany’s less obvious delicacies, you’ll find more than plenty to sample in this illustrious foodie country.

Visit Berlin if you want to try the full spectrum of German delights. In this vibrant, thriving city you can visit the most traditional eateries or the cutting edge restaurants of the industry. Enjoy sidewalk pastries as you amble through Berlin’s famous streets and indulge in some home made ice cream on the hotter days. Or, alternatively, you can treat yourself to a meal in the lap of luxury with expensive but delicious food brought at your leisure.

For more stylized flavors, visit smaller areas – like Bonn or the larger yet very individual city of Cologne. Cologne is so proud of its own character that it even has its own lager brewed specifically in Cologne. Don’t miss out on this delicious tipple served in small glasses – which is available at a reasonable price.

In fact, the whole of Germany is an ideal place to choose if you’re into beers and lagers. With a breathtaking variety of stouts, bitters, beers, ales and lagers, you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice in all regions of this enigmatic country. And Germany is known for its countless beer festivals, which are the perfect time to visit if you’re looking to taste as many varieties as you like. Just make sure you leave extra room in your suitcase for all the bottles you’ll be bringing home with you!

From local town tastes to international flavors in trendy bars, you’ll be able to try hundreds of delicious ales from across the globe or appearing indigenously in their own particular region. One thing is for certain – if you visit Germany wanting to judge it on its beers and ales, the country will stick in your memory as a hit (even if nothing much else sticks!).

And you can gloat about it to your family and friends back home when staying in touch with cheap calls to Germany until they’re green with envy – or book flights of their own so they can join you! Because whether its food or drink – or both – that delights you, Germany is sure to satisfy.

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