Get Better With These Yeast Infection Remedies



If you are suffering from yeast infection, your first reaction is probably to rush to the chemist and get yourself some over the counter yeast infection remedies that are just so easy to get. Soon you will use the medication and you may not realize this but the more you use these types of drugs, the more your infection, which is also known as Candida, gets more stubborn and soon, your medicine will not work at all. This will now make it harder for you to get rid of another yeast infection later on.

You really need to know the cause of your yeast infection before dashing to a pharmacy for a quick but temporary yeast remedy. Sometimes, when our immunity is compromised, it may result to our natural harmony getting interfered with and therefore we may find that the micro organisms called the yeast, increasing in population so much so that they get into uncontrollable numbers and thereby causing an infection.

This imbalance may be brought about by several factors like the use of antibiotics when one is treating a bacterial disease or ailment. When taking these drugs prescribed by a physician, they do not just stop at ridding our bodies of the harmful bacteria but also gets rid of the good bacteria called the probiotics. This is where now the yeast population multiplies. Other reasons would be changes in the hormonal levels during pregnancy or during the monthly cycle. The usage of contraceptives also leads to changes in the hormonal balance and thereby causing the yeast to benefit. If you are highly stressed, you increase your blood’s glucose levels thereby making the yeast to increase. This is also evident in cases of diabetes that is not being better managed either due to being undiagnosed or otherwise.

Common yeast infection remedies would include rubbing a peeled garlic clove to the affected area since garlic is well-known for its anti fungal properties. You can also pour a number of drops from the diluted tea tree oil onto a tampon and put this in the vagina. You need to dilute with some drops of olive oil to avoid further inflammation. It is however wise to talk to a physician first about this remedy since women react differently to this oil. Use apple cider vinegar in your bath. Again, you need the bath to dilute since it can cause a burning effect. Remember to maintain hygiene for quick healing.

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