Getting Comfortable on Indian Trains


There are millions of passengers traveling on Indian trains between stations from corner of the country to another which are the backbone of travel infrastructure in India. Passengers need a sound railway to reach a flatform , wait for a train and board it. But passengers should carefully pay attention to check their train status to prevent them from getting on the wrong train. Geting on the train without any discomfort will become simple if you follow some following easy tip .

1) While making a reservation make a train status check for available seats. After making a reservation for an uncertified seat check it through a PNR train status or ask the booking clerk one day before the journey. It is advisable not to get to an Indian railway station with lots of luggage. This will insure passengers against thefts and unnecessary tension. In case of bringing multiple luggage passengers should have family members with them.

2) Be careful in getting on the right platform to catch your train. Listen to the railway announcements and get to the mentioned platform no corresponding to your arriving train. At the time of train arrival check the number rows hanging below the platform roof. Each number indicates the rail carriage that would halt in front of it. Just stand below the row number corresponding to your rail compartment.

3) Get into your train carefully, avoiding all rush. Just check your seat number by counting numbers on seats right from those besides your entry door. So you won’t make a mistake in sitting on the wrong seat. If you have heavy luggage better hire a coolie to help you getting on Indian trains.

4) If you get an upper or middle sleeper berth during day time journey avoid using it. You may use it during night time for a sound sleep.


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