Getting Prepared Before Birth


There are a lot of emotions when we’re getting close to give birth. It is a stressful time, yet relieving at the same time. The date is finally getting closer, and our baby can be ready to come out any minute. Since births are so unpredictable, and we don’t know exactly when we’re ready to go to the hospital, it is important to be prepared ahead of time. There are a lot of things you want to have figured out beforehand, so start thinking about these ideas!

Helper – First of all, you want to have that helper with you the whole time. This can be anyone, your significant other, your mom, your best friend, anyone. This person will help you keep a positive attitude, spend time with you, and will be there helping you along when you’re actually giving the birth.

Medication – You want to have a plan. What will you do for medicine when you’re in labor? Are you taking it, do you want to have your baby without it, or do you want an epidural? There are a few different possibilities, discuss these with your doctor beforehand.

Belongings – You want to have a bag packed that is ready by the door, so that when you’re ready to go so are your belongings. Put your camera, clothes, and anything else you think you might need to bring to the hospital in the bag.

Car Seat – When someone takes you up there, you want to make sure you have a car seat ready for your baby. To make sure you’re prepared, and that your baby gets home safely you want to put them in the car seat that is already set up.

Positive Attitude – It is always important to have a positive attitude. Go in with a positive attitude, and your process will go much easier. And as for when you leave, you know already you’ll have a positive attitude since you’ll have your baby finally in your arms!

It is important to make sure you’re prepared for birth. People don’t look into it like they should. There is a lot to know, and there is a lot you can do beforehand to make your process go much easier.

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