Giant Home Appliance Chain Changes: Taiwanese Who Have Become Their Achievements



Data show that from the 2003 National

Home appliance chain

Retailers have entered into the Fujian market, in less than two years, Wing-lok,

States United States



The three major domestic home appliance giant home appliance market in Fujian “clearly place an extra siege,” the rapid expansion of the number of stores to three 40, and 05 in the July 1 is a turning point in the household appliance market in Fujian, the day the successful acquisition of Yongle Tsann Kuen 3C 3C circulation in China, in August, Paradise has a stunning move, the local community in one fell swoop marriage Xiamen


18-year-old thought the text appliances, in the Yongle Zhang Cankun stores selectively open the case, Paradise volume stores in Fujian province has soared to as much as 22. Gome’s official web show, Gome stores in Fujian The number of 12, while Suning has just started in Fujian.

Appliance Retail

Industry, is the channel for the king of the world, and shop directly determines the number of market share, after two seemingly “sudden” M & A storm, the Paradise in Fujian Gome and Suning have put far behind them. Fujian pattern passed and home appliances market, has quietly changed … …

Hot Review: Tsann Kuen Wen marriage retreat ideas

7 6, Shanghai Yongle to 143.8 million yuan acquired the retail assets of Min Tsann Kuen B, and stores in Shanghai and Fujian network. Tsann Kuen 3C flow from household appliances market in the mainland disappeared, M & A lightning storm caused a great disturbance in the domestic appliance market, Wing-lok, this incident became famous not only in the more mouth-watering is the acquisition of those rare stores network Tsann Kuen resources and Tsann Kuen members. No wonder peers


Opponents on the issue “to heart.”

Introduced one after another, separated by only one month, Yongle it came from the shocking news, Wing-lok, shot again in Xiamen, the local appliance


Thinking Man boss alliance. The establishment of the text Appliance Co., Ltd. Xiamen Wing Lok Si. Thinking Man Enterprises All stores will use the joint venture company, “Yong Le Wen thinking” firm, all remain open. Yongle Home Appliances relevant responsible person said, after nearly half a year of repeated appraisals, Wing-lok, and thought the text-based “win-win situation together seek to integrate strive for” on


Integration. The partnership will be different from the asset acquisition mode Tsann Kuen, is the traditional home appliance retailers in the area to stock cooperative system, forms, and to partner thought.

Prior to this, thinking the biggest paper in Fujian Province Electric is a local home appliance retailers, has 18 years of history, household appliances market in Xiamen, has won the trust and support. For the Yongle Appliance Associates, before thinking Man Electric chain vice president Zhang Dan Run, said: “Thinking Man, as a local powerful enterprises, in 18 years has been developing rapidly, but then we did not go out because of characteristics of the market, because the region limitations, we are unable to assume this important responsibility. and the national chain Yongle Home Appliances joint as long as our corporate philosophy, the purpose of our enterprise services, principles and are able to continue so that we


Continue to flourish to serve the people of Xiamen, Fujian people, you said there is nothing wrong with it together. “

Earlier rumors that Suning and Best Man have had “close” contact, and some media even think that if Suning and Best Man Once cooperation, will be staged in Xiamen, Yongle and home appliances market commercial war between Suning. Unexpectedly, it did not, Yongle will be thinking once again reverted to its text, as Xiamen, Fujian appliance household appliance market and market sectors



The current situation: industry consolidation thriving

According to the United States, Japan and the Development of home appliance chain, we can understand why many have a certain strength of the Chinese home appliance chain enterprises are eager to do a large scale.

At present, the United States less than 1,000 home appliance retailers, like BESTBUY? Point 100 Best Buy? Snow and the top four of the chain more than 90% market share. In Japan, the home appliance market is small island, Yamada and other 45 companies carved up the retail chain. Juhanbinzhou


Statistical data show that China’s current sales of household appliances market size of about 500 billion yuan. The top five chain retail enterprises in the overall consumer electronics market share of less than 20%. The rest of the seats located in the country, as many as tens of thousands of single-store businesses as much as divided. By contrast, it is clear that the domestic appliance market and the international flow of some


Compared with developed countries, there are still great and the space. Scattered throughout the country single-store appliance business is like a guerrilla, but the country is the army of large chains, if the said foreign “invaders” before the arrival of the team did not develop into their own army, you might be brutally eliminated . Therefore, the phenomenon of mergers and reorganization among enterprises is the inevitable result of market competition. Consumer electronics market will be the general trend in recent years.

Throughout recent years, re-integration of the domestic appliance market, the example, we can see that this is a strong and big domestic appliance retailing the most effective and quickest way.

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