Gigi Wax Warmer – The Ideal Wax Warmer For Home Or The Salon


Waxing is one of the specialized techniques for body hair removal. It requires good skills, including warming the wax to right consistency and temperature. People can use various methods to melt the wax before application like microwaving it, dipping the container in hot water or heating it on the stove. The best way is to use a warmer specifically made to heat wax like the Gigi wax warmer. The product is ideal to achieve melted wax with optimal temperature that goes smoothly over the body and works effectively in removing body hair.

The wax warmer from Gigi has all the components that are necessary to warm the wax to the ideal consistency not to burn the skin, and remove hair effectively. It has been engineered keeping in mind the importance of right wax thickness. If the wax is too hard to apply on skin then it can be painful and might not adhere properly to the hair resulting in unsatisfactory removal. Also, the wax warmer has been designed in such a way that it will keep the wax free of contaminants with its see through lid, as well as keep warmer unit clean while warming the wax thoroughly. The time it takes to warm the wax is also much less than other methods, which saves on your time and energy as well.

The company offers variety of wax warmer models depending upon the requirement of varied consumers. Their models can cater to the needs of a casual user, as well as a professional salon worker. One of them is an all purpose wax warmer designed for all day use having a thermostatically controlled heating system with low, medium and high settings for maintaining ideal waxing temperature. It accommodates all size wax containers. Another is space saver warmer, perfect for the beauty professional with a single heat setting control that can be ideally stored on a limited counter space.

The company also manufactures units with digital controls like the Digital Honee wax warmer. This durable warmer features a control called auto-melt, as well as user-friendly manual control. The unit also possesses a transparent see-through cover to prevent the wax from bubbling over or spilling out. In their collection of wax warmers Gigi has also added pot warmers with removable inner containers equipped with a handle. It features a locking ring that keeps wax from splashing over sides while transporting it. The size of the unit is also quite small for easy storage.

When considering price, you will find these wax warmers are quite affordable and priced right considering their functionality and usage. Their price ranges from as low as $ 29 to high as $ 109 depending upon their variable temperature control features and other functions. The Gigi wax warmer is a product worth buying whether for home use or professional salon use, as it is an efficient multi-purpose warmer that accommodates most wax containers and warms all wax formulas to the ideal temperature.

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