Google Webmaster Tools Remove URLs

Google Webmaster Tools Remove URLs

Google Webmaster Tools Remove URLs feature is designed for website owners to request a removal for their web pages. Created by

At times your website maybe structured so that only certain visitors are allowed request a web document (or web directory on your server) and therefore Google may have indexed those web pages which you do not want them to appear in Google search results page (SERP). This is where Google Webmaster Tools Remove URL’s option becomes handy and useful. To learn more about requirements for removing your web pages visit:

Google also has made available information for when not to use this feature, because it is up to the website owners to make sure that they follow Google’s Guidelines so that Google doesn’t index those private/confidential web pages again. To learn more about what Google suggests about the removal procedure visit:

You can use robots.txt file to let Google know which parts of your website it should crawl and access, although robots.txt file is usually efficient, by the nature of Google crawl process, Google may still become aware of your private folders and web directories. That is why Google suggests to make sure that you “as the web site owner” password protect private directories on your web server.

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