Grand Canyon’s Experience


It was really amazing experience when I took a Grand Canyon tour with my family last month. I enjoy a wonder of nature with fantastic South Rim, various rock walls changing form dark green to bright red as the change of time. To keep these beautiful memory, I took pictures of rock walls with different colors. The beauty blides my eyes, which I want to stay there for a whole day. But because the place we came from is Las Vegas , we only stay about 2 hours to walk around this area.


We made full use of the short period of time. Though we could not take an in-depth venture to the main trail, we still managed to take an overview of the great canyon. The amazing natural wonder impressed everyone, and I decided to go hiking with my friends next time. It was turning dark, we went to our shelter and had supper there. There were many shelters, and almost all of them located along the Colorado River. It was very cold at night, so I had to wear my warm clothes. Next day we took an exciting flight tour. Flight tour was my favorite activity. We started from a local heliport and landed in the Canyon. The canyon is much larger than what I could imagine. And our pilot even took us to the deepest part of the canyon, and I took a picture there. Moreover, there are other interesting activities, for example, rafting trips along the Colorado River. As we took flight tour, we didn’t have enough time to explore this trip.


If you are interested in outdoor sightseeing and natural scenery, the canyon tour will be your best choice. Everyone will love this fantastic place at the first sight. Though there are millions of people visiting the canyon everyday, you can easily find a secluded place to enjoy a peaceful tour. I could collect my thoughts and fully relax myself in this graceful place. In addition, you had to prepare enough money for this canyon tour, for the price is very expensive there. So you’d better make a good plan and start save money now.


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