Great Ideas Baby Shower Gift

.tags One of your friends or family members is expecting a new baby, so you are preparing for the baby shower. However, you don’t know what would be the best gift for the new mother? It can be hard deciding what gifts to buy but here are a few things that new moms just can’t get enough of and any of these make great gifts.

The first thing you need to decide is how much money you plan to spend for the gift. Once you made that decision it will be easier to choose something that the mom can really use. Below are 6 gift ideas that can help you get stated so you can choose the best gift for the new mother to be.

6 great baby shower gift ideas:

1.    If money is no option, then you may want to consider a bassinet, high chair, baby swing or walker. These are things that will come in handy and the mom will be very thankful for them during the upcoming weeks.

2.    Many times people will buy gifts that are only suited for the newborn but babies grow up fast. Consider buying learning toys designed for 6 months to a year old. These will be greatly appreciated and something that will last for awhile.

3.    You can never have too many baby blankets, crib sheets and burp cloths. If you have children of your own, you know how fast they can go through these.

4.    Clothing is always a great gift but you don’t necessarily have to buy
newborn outfits. Chances are the mom to be will have plenty of these only to find they have nothing for the baby to wear by the time they reach three to six months of age. You can help them prepare for the next few months by buying clothing that will fit as the child grows.

5.    Diapers are a gift that will always be needed and greatly appreciated. It may seem like a simple gift but it’s one that will help the first few weeks go much smoother. You can always add powder, baby lotion and other small items to the gift to dress it up a little.

6.    If you want to invest in the child’s future and help get them off to a great start you could consider buying a savings bond or starting up a savings account for them. This may seem a little odd as a baby shower gift but it’s never too early to invest in a child’s future.

You may want to try and find out what gifts others plan to give so you don’t end up buying the same things. It could be a little disappointing for all concerned if two or three people bought bassinets or walkers. Before you buy consider what the new mom to be already has and what items have been overlooked. This will help you get a good idea of what will be needed the most.

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