Great Parenting For Successful Child Actors


While talent, ambition, and luck are all very important for child actors, it is almost universally agreed that the single biggest key to success for a child actor is good parenting. Believe it or not, the stressful life that comes with being a famous child has actually been shown to be balanced by parents who are involved in the child’s life, care about what sorts of environments the child is in, and take an active role in the child’s career.

There are many experts who suggest the entertainment industry is dangerous or even “toxic” for children, but the truth is, that was more a thing of the past. |The current climate for children in the entertainment industry is far more positive than it used to be – with new rules in place that protect children from predators and other unsavory types, as well as protecting their assets and earnings, the industry is better than ever for children to work in.

That said, the parents’ job is to make sure their child is doing well in handling the added stress of working and the pressures of fame. For even the most well-adjusted adult, fame can be jarring and surprising. A child will need a bit more “hand holding,” in that a child will need things explained, particularly when it comes to issues non-acting children don’t deal with such as traveling, fame, the press, and the attention that child stars get. Provided this sort of support is there, the child should be able to deal well with the environment and life that comes with being a star.

Communication is key – the lines must be open. Many studies have shown that being in the entertainment industry tends to mature a child a bit faster than average. As such, the child may have questions that are not necessarily expected of his or her age group, due to what child actors are exposed to. They may have financial concerns that children often do not have because of the amounts of money they are earning, as well as concern about directions for their career. Listening to them and guiding them is one of the most important things a parent can do – as well as making sure the child feels safe and comfortable approaching the parent about these issues – or any others that may arise.

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